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Nuneaton. Aerial view of the town centre

Nuneaton town centre, with Courtauld's factory at the bottom, and Queen's Road running up to top left. 1957

Nuneaton. Bert Healy in the Palace Cinema film room

Mr Bert Healey at number one projector in the projection box at the Palace Cinema, Queens Road, Nuneaton. January 28th 1972

Nuneaton. Broad Street and Queen's Road

Properties on the corner of Broad Street and Queen's Road, Nuneaton. The Palace cinema can just be seen to the extreme left of the picture. October 3rd 1966

Nuneaton. Children's Library

The children's library in Queen's Road, Nuneaton with the children's librarian, Mrs Wilma Finlay in attendance. 1950s

Nuneaton. Co-op bakery before demolition

The Co-op bakery and yard in Queen's Road, Nuneaton, before demolition. July 28th 1973

Nuneaton. Co-operative Society bakery before demolition

The Co-op bakery and yard, Queen's Road, Nuneaton, before demolition. July 28th 1973

Nuneaton. Council buildings in Queens Road

Council buildings in Queens Road, Nuneaton. 1900s

Nuneaton. Council House

Nuneaton Council House with cars and a bus in front. 1930s

Nuneaton. Demolition of Public Library

Demolition work on the Public Library in Queen's Road, opposite Stratford Street. 1962

Nuneaton. Frank Smith working in Clarke's vegetable shop

Frank Smith working in Clarke's fruit and vegetable shop in Queens Road, Nuneaton. 1969

Nuneaton. Hadden's newsagents

Reg Hadden's newsagents and book shop at corner of Queen's Road and Dugdale Street, Nuneaton. July 4th 1965

Nuneaton. Horace Collett's shop

Horace Colletts, Ironmongers, Queens Road, Nuneaton. Pictured with staff outside the shop. Staff from left, George Randall, Graham Wright, Miss B Dawkins, Mrs Louisa Justin, Mrs Edith Collett and Ronnie ...

Nuneaton. Nag's Head decorated for Silver Jubilee

The Nag's head public house, Nuneaton, decorated for the Silver Jubilee. 29 May 1977

Nuneaton. Palace Cinema at night

The Palace cinema in Queen's Road, Nuneaton, taken at night. December 20th 1966

Nuneaton. Palace Cinema foyer

View of the foyer at the Palace Cinema, Nuneaton. May 27th 1971

Nuneaton. Parade of circus elephants

Elephants from Sir Robert Fossett's circus parading along Queen's Road, Nuneaton. May 5th 1974

Nuneaton. Queen's Road

Shops in Queen's Road, shortly before their demolition. These were situated almost opposite Stratford Street. 1962

Nuneaton. Queen's Road

Property in Queens Road, Nuneaton just prior to its demolition. In the centre left is Jack Warren's sweet shop and next to it The George and Dragon pub, also closed. July 4th 1965