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A Warwickshire Beacon, Burton Dassett

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) A Warwickshire Beacon, Burton Dassett Oil on canvas 500mm x 750mm A landscape scene looking up a slight hill towards a windmill. There is a cart and two ...

Alcester. Hoo Mill

Hoo Mill, Alcester. A man is standing on a rustic footbridge in front of the mill. 1930s [The man's name is Albert Stewart who lived at the mill at the time]

Alcester. Hoo Mill

View from the front of Hoo Mill, near Alcester. 1930s

Alveston. Old Mill

The Old Mill at Alveston. 1910s

Alveston. Old Watermill

Old Watermill, Alveston. 1910s

Arbury. Old Mill

The Old Mill at Arbury. 1900s

Arrow. Waterwheel

Arrow waterwheel believed to have been used for generating electricity for Alcester. 1910s

Atherstone. Alders Mill

View of the outbuildings at Alders Mill, showing the overall dilapidated condition of the roofs and brickwork. 1950s

Atherstone. Alders Mill

Alders Mill at Atherstone, showing the dilapidated state of the building, although the left hand side is still inhabited. 1950s

Atherstone. Alders Mill

The front of Alders Mill at Atherstone taken from Fieldon Bridge where the pool water flows into the River Anke. The disused mill is on the left; cottage no.2, had windows in the rear wall, and No. ...

Atherstone. Alders Mill

The rear of Alders Mill, on the 2nd July 1958. Later that day the flood water reached a height of 18 inches in the living room of No. 1 cottage.

Barcheston. Weir

Barcheston weir on the River Stour. 1950

Barford. Mill on the Avon

Barford corn mill on the River Avon. 1900s

Baxterley. Windmill

Baxterley Windmill in the 1900s. Built 'J.B.' in 1793 on Baxterley Common. Ceased by late 1880s. Demolished c.1969. Main post used for reconstruction of the Danzey Green Mill, [Tanworth] at Avoncroft ...

Bidford on Avon. Broom Mill

Broom Mill, Bidford on Avon. 1910

Birdingbury Mill.

Birdingbury Mill. 1920s

Birdingbury Mill.

Birdingbury Mill. 1920s

Brownsover Mill.

Brownsover Mill, which stood on the River Avon was thought to be between 150 and 200 years old. It was burned down on January 22nd, 1956. The nearby reservoir was made in 1902 by enlarging the original ...