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Friendly Society banner from Long Itchington. The banner is silk with wool detailing and has a gold-painted inscription and decoration. It is pennant shaped with a fringe along the bottom edge, which ...

Bishops Itchington. Cement works

Cement Works, Bishops Itchington. [Cement plant shown is "Greaves, Bull and Lakin", acquired by Blue Circle in 1931 and called by them Harbury Works.] 1930s

Long Itchington

A black and white photograph of Long Itchington. There is a tree in the foreground and a church in the background. The photo is mounted on a black mountboard.

Long Itchington.

Long Itchington. 1930s

Long Itchington. A village street

Cottages and Co-operative shop, Long Itchington. 1910s

Long Itchington. Accident at Cuttle Bridge

Cuttle Bridge, Long Itchington showing damage to the footbridge caused by a lorry. There are two workmen and a policeman leaning on his Velocette motorbike. There is a BBC van in the background. 27th ...

Long Itchington. Black and White House

A large black and white timbered house in Long Itchington. 1920s

Long Itchington. Buck and Bell public house

The Buck and Bell showing two men with bicycles and a parked motor-cycle, Long Itchington. 1920s

Long Itchington. Church

A view of Long Itchington Church from the south. 1950s

Long Itchington. Church

Road with terraced houses and Holy Trinity church in the background in Long Itchington. 1950s

Long Itchington. Church

Holy Trinity church, Long Itchington, as seen across the fields. 1950s

Long Itchington. Church interior

Long Itchington Parish Church interior, looking up nave toward chancel. 1957 29th November 1957.

Long Itchington. Church Road

View along Church Road, Long Itchington. 1930s

Long Itchington. Church Road

Looking west along Church Road up to the Church from Village Green. 1910s

Long Itchington. Church Road, looking west

Church Road, looking west towards the church and Post Office; showing the shop of H. Windsor, provision dealer built c.1910 and The New Harvester Inn - previously The Commercial Inn.

Long Itchington. Church Street

Church Street, Long Itchington, showing church, terraced cottages, two horse-drawn vehicles and several children and adults. 1900s [Looking back up "The Street" and in front of the building which was ...

Long Itchington. Church, altar table

The altar table at Holy Trinity church, Long Itchington, with drapes lifted to show the woodwork. 1918

Long Itchington. Cottages

Timber framed house and other cottages in Long Itchington. 1950s [This house is situated in The Square next to the Post Office]