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Leamington Spa. Congregational Chapel, interior

Interior of the Congregational Chapel, Leamington Spa. June 20th 1936

Leamington Spa. Spencer Street

View of Spencer Street, showing the tramway. 1910s

Leamington Spa. Spencer Street

Funeral procession outside Congregational Church with hearse, coffin, undertakers, horse & carriage and onlookers, two with bicycles, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Spencer Street

Spencer Street with view of church in the distance and people in the street, Leamington Spa. 1930

Manor Court Flats

Manor Court flats on Spencer Street, Leamington Spa, c. 1963.

Spencer Street and Aylesford's Well, Leamington Spa

A view of the junction of Spencer Street, Victoria Terrace and Bath Street in Leamington Spa. This photograph was taken around 1890, before the buildings blocking the view to All Saints Parish Church ...

Spencer Street and Chapel, Leamington

Spencer Street And Chapel, Leamington This engraving of Spencer Street in Leamington Spa was produced by Rock and Co. of London on 2 November 1860 (No. 3899). The Nonconformist Chapel on Spencer Street ...

Spencer Street Congregational Church, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph 77mm x 112mm An interior view of Spencer Street Congregational Church, c.1940. Dorothy Burbury is standing in the front row, third from the left.

Spencer Street, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph by John Wright, 1973. It depicts a view along Spencer Street, with the bingo hall to the right and Spencer Street Chapel to the left. 303mm x 377mm © John Wright Photography...

Spencer Street, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph by John Wright, 1973. It depicts the corner of Spencer Street and All Saints Parish Church, with The Avenue pub to left. 303mm x 377mm © John Wright Photography

Spencer Street, Leamington Spa

A sepia photograph of a scene along Spencer Street in Leamington Spa. Lord Aylesford's Well and All Saints Parish Church can be seen at the end of the street. This photograph is by Francis Frith & Co ...

Spencer Street, Leamington Spa. Independent Chapel

A sepia photograph. This photograph shows the Independent Chapel on Spencer Street, Leamington Spa. The Spencer Street Chapel was built in 1836 by the Nonconformist Church of Leamington, that was led ...

Street Plan - 19th Century Street Plan of Leamington Spa

A street plan of Leamington Spa showing Spencer Street, Bath Street, Stafford Wine Merchants, Victoria Terrace and Victoria Baths. The area shaded in green and red shows the premises of Mr John Edgerton, ...

Theatre Poster

A theatre poster advertising Latimer's Mammoth Theatre, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa, August 1858.