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Alma Ramsey

Alma Ramsey (1907-1993) Alma Ramsey, May 1937 Charcoal and watercolour on paper 220mm x 380mm This is a portrait of Alma Ramsey's first child, Simon Hosking. Simon was born in December 1936 and according ...

Arrow. Group of children

A group of children possibly a school outing in Ragley Park, Arrow. 1920s

Baby in a Pram

A black and white photograph of a baby in a pram. There are trees and bushes behind. The hands of the person holding the handle of the pram are just visible. The baby is possibly Ethel May Harrison's ...

Blue Bird

Frederick Cayley Robinson (18th August 1862 - 4th January 1927) Blue Bird, 1911 Watercolour, pencil and gouache on board 400mm x 325mm The Blue Bird Maurice Maeterlinck’s most famous and popular play, ...

Boy with a Spear

From the circle of Nicholaes Maes Boy with a Spear Oil on panel 390mm x 295mm An unknown fashionably dressed boy of around twelve in a landscape. His face is turned towards the right and he points his ...

Brailes, Lower. Gypsy

Picture of gypsy girl holding a sheaf of corn, Lower Brailes. 1900s

Children Dancing

A chromolithographic print of children dancing. Ink on paper 455mm x 830mm

Children with a Pigeon

Studio of Jan De Bray (1615-1660) Children with a Pigeon, 1653 Oil on panel Framed size height 589mm x 489mm, depth 54mm De Bray originally painted this scene in 1652 and it is likely that this version ...

Children with a Rocking Horse

A black and white photograph of four children standing around a rocking horse in a garden. A girl and infant are sitting on the horse and two boys are standing either side of it. There is washing hanging ...

Child's Hands

Alma Ramsey (October 1907 - 17th July 1993) Child's Hands Pencil on paper 270mm x 210mm A sketch of a child's hands and forearms on headed paper from the Leicester College of Arts and Crafts.

Churchover. Village street

A street scene in Churchover. 1920s

Churchover. Village view

View of part of the village of Churchover. 1900s

Cottar's Bairns

William Marshall Brown (1863-1936) Cottar's Bairns Oil on canvas 500mm x 630mm A landscape view with three children looking over a hedge in the foreground. A cottar is the Scottish term for a peasant ...

Country Girl

Mia Arnesby Brown (fl. 1905-1931) Country Girl Oil on canvas 450mm x 350mm Portrait of a young girl with short fair hair in a landscape setting, she is wearing a blue dress and holding an apple.


John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Daughter Pencil and charcoal on paper 175mm x 140mm Oval portrait of a child. This is one of many drawings collected in a large scrapbook.

Doreen And Gwen Lock

A photograph of Doreen Lock with her younger sister Gwendoline seated on a bench. They lived in New Brook Street, Leamington Spa

Dunnington. Strawberry tea

Strawberry tea held at Dunnington. c.1952

Edith Gaskin and Other Girls at May Day Celebrations, Leamington Spa

A photograph of a horse-drawn cart, decorated with roses, and carrying nine girls during the May Day celebrations in Leamington Spa, c.1912. Edith Gaskin, aged 8, is sitting at the front of the cart. ...