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This metal sign was used to advertise the sale of insurance tickets to insure against personal injury caused by railway accidents. According to the label on the reverse, this sign was located at Fenny ...


Belemnites. Lower Jurassic: Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Fenny Compton railway cutting. These are an internal bone-like structure, composed of the mineral calcite, of a squid-like animal termed ...

Fenny Compton. Aerial view from Gredenton Hill

Aerial view of Fenny Compton and surrounding countryside as seen from Gredenton Hill. 1950s

Fenny Compton. Church

Fenny Compton church of St Clare. 1930s

Fenny Compton. Church interior

Interior of St Clare's Church, Fenny Compton, looking east. 1910s

Fenny Compton. Fete

A large crowd of people outside a marquee at a fete, Fenny Compton. 1909

Fenny Compton. High Street

The High Street, Fenny Compton. Girl by railings, boy with pram. 1900s

Fenny Compton. High Street

High Street, Fenny Compton. 1910s

Fenny Compton. High Street

Fenny Compton houses in High Street. 1930s

Fenny Compton. Landscape view

View from hill, Fenny Compton. 1956

Fenny Compton. Lane to the church

Lane leading to church and cottages, Fenny Compton. 1940s.

Fenny Compton. Northend Road

Row of council houses in Northend Road, Fenny Compton. 1950s

Fenny Compton. P.C. Hine

A studio photograph of Police Constable Hine who was murdered near Fenny Compton, 15 February 1886

Fenny Compton. Post windmill

The Post Mill which stood on Mill Hill, above Fenny Compton. Built in the 18th century, possibly older. Tarred, open trestle, 4 common sails, ladder, tailpole and 2 pairs stones. It collapsed when ...

Fenny Compton. Railway Station

Fenny Compton Station platform, line and five station staff. 1914

Fenny Compton. Rectory

The Rectory, Fenny Compton. 1900s

Fenny Compton. Red Barn Cafe

The Red Barn Cafe, Fenny Compton, with customers drinking tea. 1920s

Fenny Compton. Red Lion

Street with Red Lion public house and cottages, Fenny Compton. Telegraph poles. Lorry. 1950s