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Alcester. Seggs Lane

Seggs Lane, Alcester, showing houses and women with children in push chairs. 1950s The wall on the right has long been demolished to make way for what is now [2018] Globe House (the library and fire ...

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

A street in Ardens Grafton. A family out cycling. 1956

Arley. 'Grannie' Stain and sister

Grannie Stain and her sister at Arley. 1900s

Arley. John Stain & wife

John Stain and wife, family portrait, Arley. 1890s

Ashorne. The Holloway

The Holloway, Ashorne, with group of people in their best clothes. 1900s

Ashow. Avon Cottage

Four ladies, in the doorway of Avon Cottage. The lady sitting is Mrs S. Harris. 1900s

Atherstone. Nelson Yard

Nelson Yard, Atherstone, looking towards Long Street. 1900s

Beaudesert. Rectory

Beaudesert Rectory with family group. 1880s

Bedworth. W.M.P. Johnson visiting a mining family

A mine worker with his wife and child outside his cottage with William Johnson M.P. holding a tea-cup. 1900

Board Game - 'Wheeling'

This board game dates from the end of the 19th century, when cycling was very popular both with men and women. It is called 'Wheeling - a new and exciting game for cyclists.' The small box, containing ...


This small, turned wooden bowl is from Norway. It has ornate carvings of acanthus leaves on the outer face, and has been varnished.

Brailes, Lower. Family picnic

A family picnic at Lower Brailes. The boy seated at the front is Marshall Findlay, the girl on the right with the dog is Miss Garrard, the man on the extreme right is the Rev. Garrard, next to him is ...

Brailes, Lower. Revd. Smith and daughters

The Rev. T. Smith and his daughters of Lower Brailes. 1900s

Cherington. Dickins family group

A Dickins family group standing in front of a small thatched summer house at Cherington. 1895. From left to right - M. Dickins, R. Dickins, W.P. Dickins, C.F. Dickins, H.E. Dickins and C.L. Dickins.

Cherington. Mr and Mrs Dickins and family

Mr and Mrs Dickins of Cherington House on their golden wedding anniversary in 1871. They are pictured outside Cherington House surrounded by immediate and extended family.

Clifford Chambers. Family group

Lady with four children, one in a perambulator. Clifford Chambers. 1900s

Coleshill. Dumble Farm

Dumble Farm, Coleshill. Left to right in photograph - farmworker, Mrs Ford, a servant, Mr Ford (tenant farmer) and in front - daughters Mynthia and Myna. 1910s

Cubbington. Hill Farm, family group

Family group sitting on the steps at Hill Farm, Cubbington. Possibly Robert Ferguson and family. 1904