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A green rubber ball which is a souvenir from Warwick. It is decorated with a print of a boy, a dog and a kite. There is a red ring around the circumference of the ball.

Board Game - 'Wheeling'

This board game dates from the end of the 19th century, when cycling was very popular both with men and women. It is called 'Wheeling - a new and exciting game for cyclists.' The small box, containing ...


A large rectangular wooden box with mother of pearl inlay decorating the lid. It has a keyhole at the front and four feet. The box contains packs of cards and counters.

Car and Fire Engine

Tinplate car and fire engine.

Carousel Pig - detail top of head

This is a cast iron carousel pig with a piebald hide. It was modelled running and then mounted onto its stand at a later date. This may have been one of a number of farm animals on a steam-driven fairground ...

Celluloid Doll

This celluloid doll was made in Japan in the 1930's. Celluloid is an early plastic made from pyroxylin (cellulose nitrates) and camphor. From the early 20th century, it became popular for doll making. ...

Child's Wheelbarrow

This is a child's painted wheelbarrow which has a red background with cream lozenge shapes on the sides and a heart shape on the front. The stanctions (legs), base and wheel are later replacements, ...

Compton Wynyates. Young people playing leapfrog

Young people at Compton Wynyates playing leapfrog. 1910s

Construction Set

Early construction toys came from Germany, where there was a tradition of producing wooden toys. During the 19th century, sophisticated sets containing a wide variety of pieces became popular. This ...

Construction Set

'Bayko' building sets were made by the Plimpton Engineering Company of Liverpool, and were very popular in the 1950's. The name 'Bayko' came from the word 'bakelite' - the name of the hard plastic ...

Construction Set

This construction set, made of coloured interlocking plastic pieces, was made by 'Lego'. The company's founder, Ole Christiansen, was born in Denmark in 1891. He made wooden toys, which he called 'Lego' ...


A rectangular mother of pearl gaming counter. One side is decorated with a Chinese scene and the other side has the initials WD.


A circular mother of pearl gaming counter.


A rectangular mother of pearl gaming counter with scalloped edges. It is decorated with two birds on one side and stars on the other.


A circular mother of pearl gaming counter. It is decorated with concentric rings.

Cup and Ball; Top

Before the widespread use of plastics in the 20th century, toys were made of natural materials. This cup and ball, together with a small spinning top, are made of ivory.


A child's game consisting of two bamboo canes joined by a string. The diabolo is a plastic object shaped from two cones joined at their pointed ends. One end of the diabolo is severely degraded, c.1900-1925....

Diabolo and Tip-Cat

Both diabolo and tip-cat were toys that children played at home, or in the street or playground. They were very cheap to buy, or could be home-made. Both involve using string to keep the reel spinning. The ...