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Aerial View of Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph mosaic made up of four black and white photographs. It depicts an aerial view of Leamington Spa, from the waterworks looking east, September 1943. 120mm x 742mm

Atherstone. Phoenix Yard

Phoenix Yard between Megginson's and 18 Church Street, Atherstone. Mr J.. Hopley in picture. 1900s

Atherstone. Reservoir

Reservoir near Atherstone. 1890s

Barton on the Heath. The Green

The Green, Barton on the Heath, showing a group of children beside the seventeenth wellhouse. One child is carrying a cricket bat. 1900s

Bearley. Cottage

The Cottage, Bearley. Woman with bucket at wellside. 1900s

Bedworth. Water tower

Bedworth Water Tower. 1930s

Binton. Spring

The Spring at Binton, erected in 1868.

Clemens Street, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph by John Wright, 1974. It depicts a view of buildings on Clemens Street, with the gas works to the left. 302mm x 375mm © John Wright Photography

Coleshill. Hill

The Hill, Coleshill, showing cooling towers in the distance. 1920s

Cubbington. Cottage with draw well

Cottage (now demolished) in Cross Lane, Cubbington. Note the draw well behind the man in the picture. 1950s For more detailed information refer to - Cubbington by G.F.Peppitt. [The man in the oicture ...

Cubbington. Mrs Wells at the village pump

Mrs Wells and child at village well in Queen Street, Cubbington. 1904

Cubbington. Mrs Wells in front of her cottage

Mrs Wells at water pump in front garden of cottage. 1904

Cubbington. Old Spring

The Old Spring and thatched cottages, Cubbington. 1910s

Cubbington. Queen Street

Thatched and timbered cottages at the lower end of Queen Street, Cubbington. In the foreground is a water pump above a well which would have served several cottages. Standing behind is Mrs Wells and ...

Cubbington. Village spring

Village spring, Cubbington. 1920s

Cubbington. Water pump

Beryl Rose standing beside a water pump in a garden in High View Road, Cubbington. 1937

Ettington. The Spring

The Spring, Ettington. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Group of People outside Avon Cottage

"Mother" Passmore, Joe Neal, Miss S Neal and an old lady, in front of Avon Cottage, Hampton Lucy. 1900s