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Barge In Port, Antwerp

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Barge In Port, Antwerp, 1885 Ink on paper etching 200mm x 300mm The etching depicts a harbour scene with boats and buildings to the left and in the background.

Bastia, The Old Port

Beatrice Mary Seecombe-Leech(b.1880) Bastia, The Old Port Watercolour on paper 220mm x 305mm The painting depicts a scene at the port of Bastia in Corsica.

Boats in Harbour, Mevagissey

John Terrick Williams (1860-1937) Boats in Harbour, Mevagissey, 1935-1936 Oil on canvas 425mm x 615mm Williams was born in Liverpool and studied art first in Antwerp and then in Paris at the Académie ...

Coastal Scene

UntitledInk on paper220mm x 360mmA rough coastal scene with the harbour to the right and figures watching boats approaching the shore.


Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Dieppe Ink on paper 150mm x 200mm A view of a woman carrying one child and holding the hand of another at the docks of Dieppe, France. The three etchings show ...

Evening, Port Seton

W. Macintyre Evening, Port Seton, 1923 Ink on paper 180mm x 240mm The print depicts a scene of the docks at Port Seton in East Lothian, Scotland.

Free Trade Wharf

James Abbott Whistler McNeill (1834-1903) Free Trade Wharf Ink on paper 100mm x 190mm This print depicts a scene at a harbour. A man is rowing a boat to the right.

Fringe of the Tide

John Anthony Park (1880-1962) Fringe of the Tide, 1935 Oil on canvas 350mm x 460mm A view of boats and their reflections in the sea, land is visible in the distance. © The estate of the artist

Harbour at St Mawes, Cornwall

Colour postcard88mm x 140mmSt Mawes town and Harbour, Cornwall.

Porto Fino

Charles March Gere (1869-1957) Porto Fino, 1935 Oil on board 250mm x 350mm View of Porto Fino, Portugal. A harbour scene with boats. © The Estate of the Artist

Putney Reach

Thomas William Ward (b.1918) Putney Reach Watercolour and ink on paper 235mm x 410mm Presented by the Contemporary Art Society in 1952. A crowd are gathered at Putney Reach in Putney, London to watch ...

Quay Scene

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927)Quay Scene Ink on paper 90mm x 150mm. A view of boats moored at a harbour.

Quay Scene With Figures

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) Quay Scene With Figures Watercolour on paper 260mm x 215mm A quay scene with buildings in the background and figures working in the foreground.

Railway Poster - France

A poster from Paris advertising rail travel to the coast and ports. It depicts a port with yachts through an archway. There are two women in traditional costume beside a quay wall carrying baskets, 1928....

Scottish Village

Geoffrey Ronald West (fl. 1968-1976) Scottish Village Oil on canvas 450mm x 595mm A vibrant coastal scene of a harbour and fishing boats. © Geoffrey West

Shades of Evening, Antwerp

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Shades Of Evening, Antwerp Ink on paper etching 310mm x 205mm The etching depicts a scene of boats moored at a quayside with buildings in the background.

Shipping Poster - Hamburg to America Line

A poster advertising the Hamburg to America Line. It depicts the cruise ship Orinoco and a shipping port with people, cargo and boat masts.

Shipping Poster - London to East and South Africa

British India Steam Navigation Company Limited A poster advertising British India Steam Navigation from London to East and South Africa. The poster depicts a harbour with a cruise ship and smaller boats ...