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Birmingham and South Wales One Penny Token

Birmingham and South Wales copper one penny token, 1812 Diameter 36mm The obverse features the crest of the Prince of Wales. This consists of a crown with three plumes. The inscription reads 'BIRMINGHAM ...


A booklet, from Wales, with a pale blue cover and black printing. The book is about Canada and is written in Welsh, 1878.


This 250ml glass bottle is from the Regent Hotel in Leamington Spa. The bottle still contains Decantae Spring water from Trofarth in Conway, Wales. It was bottled in the year 2000.

Brecon Cathedral

Sepia postcard140mm x 89mmBrecon Cathedral and cemetery.

Criccieth Harbour, Wales

Colour postcard89mm x 140mmThe seaside at Criccieth Harbour, Wales.


This is a doll of a Welsh woman in traditional national costume. It is made of porcelain with a painted face. The doll is one of a large collection of dolls that were donated to Leamington Spa Art Gallery ...


Bisque Welsh woman doll in traditional costume, wearing a red cape with a tall black hat.


A celluloid Welsh girl doll wearing the national costume of a red cape and large black hat.

Landscape, North Wales

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) Landscape, North Wales Watercolour on paper 365mm x 520mm A view of a cottage in North Wales.

Llanbedr, Near Conway

Arnold Henry Mason (1885-1963) Llanbedr, Near Conway Oil on canvas 555mm x 455mm View of a country lane with buildings to the right and in the distance, Llanbedr, Gwynedd, Wales.

Llanfaes Bridge and the River Usk at Brecon

Colour postcard88mm x 139mmLlanfaes Bridge and the River Usk at Brecon.

Llanstephan Castle

Rosario Aspa (1827-1905) Llanstephan Castle Watercolour on paper Coastal scene including Llanstephan Castle, Wales.

Llaugharne Castle, South Wales

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Llaugharne Castle, South Wales, 1912 Watercolour on paper 220mm x 295mm This painting depicts a coastal scene with Llaugharne Castle in the background....


Philip Sutton (1928 - ) Magnificent! 2005 Oil on canvas Purchased with support from The Art Fund, MLA/V&A Purchase Grant Fund, and the Friends of Leamington Art Gallery 2006 Magnificent! is ...

Near Barmouth

Emily Nicholson (fl. 1842-1869) Near Barmouth, 1881 Watercolour on paper 115mm x 170mm A coastal view at Barmouth, Gwynedd, Wales.

Near Capel Curig

Sir Herbert R.A. Hughes-Stanton (1870-1937) Near Capel Curig Watercolour on paper 300mm x 465mm A landscape scene with a figure sitting on a rock to the left, Capel Curig, Wales.

Near Llanberis, North Wales

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Near Llanberis, North Wales, 1862 Oil on panel 120mm x 180mm A Welsh valley landscape scene. A man on horseback is talking to a woman over a stone wall in the foreground.

On the River Mawddach

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) On the River Mawddach, 1862 Oil on canvas 340mm x 515mm A mountainous Welsh landscape scene.