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An Arab Boy

George Percy Jacomb-Hood (1857-1929) An Arab Boy Watercolour on paper 235mm x 340mm A painting of a boy reclining on the sand in Tangiers, Morocco.

Moulay Idris

Matteo Brondy (1866-1954) Moulay Idris Watercolour on paper 265mm x 375mm A scene of a plain with the town of Moulay Idris in the distance. There are figures and donkeys in the foreground.


These are Islamic rosary beads from Morocco. The rosary is made from brown wooden beads that have been threaded onto cotton string.

Travel Poster - Motor Tours in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco

A poster advertising motor tours in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. The poster depicts two caricatured children carrying fruit baskets with one running and one falling over. A motorcar, palm trees and domed ...