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A booklet, from Sweden, with a green cover and a black inscription.


This wooden box was carved by Swedish peasants. The lid is attached at one end by a wooden peg. Patterns are carved on the sides and lid.


This wooden box is from Sweden. The lid can be removed by using the wooden lever fastenings on the sides of the box. The box is decorated with painted flowers and gilding.

From The Town Hall Stockholm

Sir Robin Darwin (1910-1974) From The Town Hall Stockholm, 1936 Oil on canvas 800mm x 591mm Darwin, great grandson of the naturalist Charles Darwin, lived in Leamington Spa during World War II when he ...


This is a carved wooden mangle from Sweden. It was used to smooth out clothes. The clothes were wound on a roller and the mangle was smoothed across them, using the horse as a handle. In Sweden it was ...


This metal necklace is from Sweden. It has a large, silver coloured, round medallion that features an embossed decoration of a face at the centre. Five smaller embossed discs are attached to the medallion. ...

Swedish 1/2 Skilling

Swedish copper 1/2 skilling, 1803 Diameter 30mm The obverse features the monogram of Gustavus Adolph IV. There is a large crown above and three smaller crowns sourrounding. The reverse features the denomination ...

Swedish Two Ore

Swedish bronze two ore, 1888 Diameter 20.5mm The obverse features the monogram of Oscar II, King of Sweden and Norway. The inscription'BRODRAFOLKENS VAL'is the national moto meaning 'For the Good of ...