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Australian Halfpenny

Australian bronze halfpenny, 1948 Diameter 25mm The obverse features the bust of King George VI facing left. The inscription reads 'GEORGIUS VI D:G: BRI:OMN:REX F:D: IND:IMP', Latin for 'George VI By ...


Australian boomerang from Curving, which is made from a flat piece of wood.

Rotary Hand Whisk

This 'Swift Whisk' with a patent ball drive was made in Australia.

Shipping Poster - Aberdeen

Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line A poster advertising Aberdeen and the Commonwealth shipping line to Australia, via the Suez Canal. The poster depicts four children on a horse to left foreground, with a ...

Shipping Poster - Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line

A poster advertising the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line, depicting the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Shipping Poster - Australia via the Suez Canal and Colombo

Peninsular & Oriental (P&O) A poster advertising P&O liners to Australia via the Suez Canal and Colombo. The poster depicts a liner in a port taking on passengers and supplies, surrounded by rowing boats ...

Shipping Poster - Orient Line to Australia

A poster advertising the Orient Line to Australia. The poster depicts Captain Cook holding a navigation tool standing behind a globe. There is a cruise ship and tall ship either side of him in the background....

Shipping Poster - The Orient Line to Australia

Orient Line A poster advertising the Orient Line to Australia. It depicts a cruise ship on the sea, with cliffs in the background.

Spear Thrower

A spear thrower from Australia made from a long piece of wood. The wood is widest at the centre and has a short wooden dowel at one end which is fixed by tar or wax. It also has tar or wax at the opposite ...

Steam Engine

A photograph of a steam train, engine no.54485, at Perth


An Australian Aborigine stone axe. It consists of a length of wood bent over an axe head of polished stone. String holds the axe head and handle together.


This axe was used by the New South Wales aborigines. It has a long black handle, with a rectangular metal blade. The blade has incised decoration.