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Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire - Barcheston

This detail of the Sheldon Tapestry shows the area around Barcheston. Brailes, one of the Sheldon's other estates, is also shown. Notice the post fencing round the park at 'Compton'. This is now known ...

Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire - Feldon and Arden

As described in the original description panel, Warwickshire is divided in to two distinct areas by the River Avon. The northern part (on the left) is known as the Arden. It was far more heavily wooded ...

Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire - Weston

On the left (north) of this detail is the house of Weston, (just above the windmill at Wolford). It was in this house, built by Ralph Sheldon, that the tapestries were originally made to hang.