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Birdingbury Mill.

Birdingbury Mill. 1920s

Birdingbury Mill.

Birdingbury Mill. 1920s

Chesterton Windmill

A sepia photograph of Chesterton Windmill and an unidentified girl and boy. The boy is wearing a 'boater' hat. 89mm x 89mm

Guy's Cliff

Coloured ink on paper Guy's CliffJames RedawayThe print depicts a scene outside Guy's Cliff Mill, with figures walking. Guy's Cliff House can be seen on the other side of the river. 150mm x 175mm.

Guy's Cliff and Saxon Mill, Warwick

Colour print by an unknown artist of Warwick, Saxon Mill and Guy's Cliffe, c. 1880 - 1915 63mm x 107mm View with Saxon Mill to the left and Guy's Cliffe House over the river in the distance. There are ...

Guy's Cliff Mill

Print by J. Brandard Guy's Cliff Mill Published by C. Elston, 19th Century 250mm x 300mm View of Guy's Cliff Mill, there are three figures with a horse to the right.

Guy's Cliff Mill

Stereoscopic card 80mm x 175mm A card on which two similar black and white Victorian photographs of Guy's Cliff Mill, near Warwick, are mounted. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a stereoscopic ...

Guy's Cliff Mill

A colour postcard of the old mill, Guy's Cliff. 90mm x 138mm

Guy's Cliff Mill, Warwick

This postcard shows workers loading a sack onto a cart at Guy's Cliff Mill in Warwick.

Guy's Cliff Mill, Warwick

W. Rider Guy's Gliff Mill 204mm x 279mm This lithographic print of Guy's Cliff Mill in Warwickshrie was published by J. Merridew on 1st July 1826

Guy's Cliffe Mill

Ursula M. Davies (fl. 1881-1888) Guy's Cliffe Mill, 1891 Watercolour on paper 280mm x 390mm A scene showing Guy's Cliffe Mill in Warwickshire.

Guy's Cliffe Mill

Edith C. Reynolds (fl. 1909-1937) Guy's Cliffe Mill, September 1945 Watercolour on paper 265mm x 310mm A view of the mill and pond at Guy's Cliff, Warwickshire.

Guys Cliffe Mill From The House

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Guys Cliffe Mill From The House, 28th August 1837 Pencil on paper 180mm x 230mm A view of Guy's Cliffe Mill from the river.

Haselor. Hoo Mill

Hoo Mill buildings, Haselor. 1900s

Kings Newnham. Old Mill

The Old Mill, Kings Newnham. 1930s

Kingsbury Mill

Edgar W. Pitt (fl. 1927-1940) Kingsbury Mill, July 1932 Watercolour on paper 255mm x 345mm This painting depicts a view of the mill on the river at Kingsbury, Warwickshire.

Kingsbury. Hemlingford Mill

Hemlingford Watermill, Kingsbury. 1937

Kingsbury. Mill

The mill and River Tame, Kingsbury. 1910s