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Child's Wheelbarrow

This is a child's painted wheelbarrow which has a red background with cream lozenge shapes on the sides and a heart shape on the front. The stanctions (legs), base and wheel are later replacements, ...

Coleshill. High Street

High Street, Coleshill after snow. Mr Miller's cottage, the oldest in Coleshill. Also in picture Coleshill Cottage and Fern Cottage on the left. 1960s

Copper Beech in Jephson Gardens

A photograph of men removing the roots of a copper beech in about 1970. The tree grew beneath the Davis Clock Tower in the Jephson Gardens. This photograph was produced for Coventry Newspapers Ltd.

Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

A Massey-Ferguson tractor is standing in the Jephson Gardens while a gardener sits on a bench, c. 1960-1971. Harrington House can be seen in the distance. It is one of a group of photographs of the Massey ...

Lamp base

This is a tapering cylindrical brass water-can which has been adapted as a table lamp. The maker's name is stamped on the body opposite the handle: DEPOSE E.B. PARIS, FRANCE. It is dated around 1900. ...

Man with a house weathervane

This metal weathervane is topped by a model of a man carrying a flag and a watering can, with a house at his feet. It is English and dates from the 19th century. Height 540mm, Length 400mm, Width 95mm ...


A mirrored lead plantpot encased in a decorative perspex rod and wire framework.

Pony and trap whirligig

This whirligig is in the form of a man and woman sitting in a horse-drawn trap. It is made of polychrome wood and metal, and is mounted with a propeller. As the propeller turns, the horse's legs move ...

Radway. Cottages

Children sitting on grass verge in front of cottages in Radway. Wheelbarrow. 1900s

Rugby. The Spinney

The Spinney, which no longer exists, looking into Little Church Street, Rugby. 1914 [The Spinney does still exist, it runs up the side of the present Little Church Street car park.]

Thomas Hill, The gardeners labyrinth..., 1577 - p.25, gardeners prepare their beds..

Gardening: a task known to Shakespeare Many of Shakespeare’s scenes are set in gardens. The plays indicate a familiarity with the tasks of setting seeds, weeding and raising plants for pleasure ...

Thomas Hill, The gardeners labyrinth..., 1577 - text, p.A1r, gardeners at work..

Shakespeare’s gardeners in Richard II tended their garden in this way. Thomas Hill’s handbook which explains the tasks of a garden’s care includes this woodcut of an arbour which ...