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A Pair of Pigs

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting two prize pigs. During the 19th century paintings of farm animals became a recognised genre, as, in an attempt to produce bigger and better livestock, itinerant ...

A Surprising Incident

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a surprising incident which occurred during an attempt to slaughter a horse in July 1811. The caption at the bottom of the picture describes this as 'An Instance ...

Alveston. Stables of Alveston Manor

The stables at Alveston Manor. 1930s

Arbury. Arbury Hall Bath House

A man with a shotgun outside The Bath House, Arbury Hall. 1905

Arbury. Arbury Hall stables

The stables at Arbury Hall. 1960s

Arbury. Arbury Hall stables

The stables at Arbury Hall, from the south. 1950s

Ardens Grafton. Horse and cart in village

Horse and cart in village street with men and children standing by. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

Ardens Grafton village. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Village view

A view of Ardens Grafton. 1900s

Ascott. Village lane

Main lane through Ascott. 1920s

Atherstone. Alders Mill

The front of Alders Mill at Atherstone taken from Fieldon Bridge where the pool water flows into the River Anke. The disused mill is on the left; cottage no.2, had windows in the rear wall, and No. ...

Barford. Church Street

Barford Hill, stables and clock tower, Church Street, Barford . 9 March 1953

Bear Baiting

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting bear baiting. Once a popular spectacle in towns, bear baiting in Britain has been illegal since 1835. Shortly after it was banned, illegal bear baiting was ...

Bidford on Avon. Stable at Famington Farm

Part timbered stable at Famington Farm, Bidford on Avon. October 22nd 1981

Birdingbury. Street scene

A street scene showing a family group and a group of children, Birdingbury. 1900s

Bishops Itchington. Barn at Old Town Farm

A barn at Old Town Farm, Bishops Itchington. February 15th 1955 [It has been pointed out that this barn is unlikely to have been the one situated in Old Town, Bishops Itchington. The barn there was ...

Cherington. Donkey and farm buildings

A donkey in harness in front of farm buildings at Cherington in 1895.

Cherington. Farm view

Horse and cart in front of thatched hay barn, with workers at Cherington. 1895