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A circular metal badge with a crown at the top and a crest in the centre. It was issued to the Special Constables of the Royal Leamington Spa Borough Police Force.

Band of the Gold Coast Police

A photograph showing three members of the Band of the Gold Coast Police meeting three local policemen in Leamington Spa. This photograph was produced for the Leamington Spa Courier. © Courtesy of the ...

Band of the Gold Coast Police - Souvenir Leaflet

This is a souvenir leaflet to commemorate the visit of the band of the Gold Coast police to Leamington Spa. The Gold Coast was the name of a former British colony, which became the independant state of ...

Barford. Bridge Street

A large articulated lorry negotiating the Bridge Street/Church Street junction in Barford. Police are directing the operation. 1967


A hard backed Bible with a black cover used at the Leamington Spa Borough Police Court. There is an embossed inscription on the front, 1880.

Binton. Police Station

Binton Police Station with horse standing outside. 1900s

Chief Constable of the Leamington Borough Police Force

A photograph showing the departure of the Chief Constable of the Leamington Borough Police Force when it was dissolved to become the Warwickshire Constabulary in 1947. 166mm x 222mm © Courtesy of the ...

Civil Defence Recruitment Procedure Circular

This is a circular from Warwickshire County Council giving advice and guidelines about the Civil Defence Recruitment Procedure. It outlines the recruitment of Auxiliary Fire Services, Special Constabulary ...

Coleshill. Pillory and stocks

View of Coleshill, showing the old pillory and stocks outside the police station. 1920s


This is a doll of a Bombay policeman. It is made of stuffed and sewn fabric, and is wearing a linen costume. The doll is one of a large collection of dolls that were donated to Leamington Spa Art Gallery ...

English Long Service Medal - Police

A silver Long Service Police medal with a white and red striped ribbon. There is a portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse. This medal is framed with seven other medals.

Fenny Compton. P.C. Hine

A studio photograph of Police Constable Hine who was murdered near Fenny Compton, 15 February 1886

Geoffrey Hughes' Visit to Leamington Spa

The actor Geoffrey Hughes is escorted by police in Leamington Spa. Hughes was in Leamington to switch on the Christmas Illuminations, on 29 November 1980. At the time of his visit Hughes was playing Eddie ...


A pair of iron handcuffs with a chain joining the two cuffs. Each cuff has an individual lock.


A pair of iron handcuffs directly joined together with a hinge at one end and a lock at the other.

Henley in Arden. High Street, Police Station

The Police Station, no 1 High Street, Henley in Arden. 1973

In Custody

Brynhild Parker (fl. 1930-1938) In Custody Oil on canvas 352mm x 315mm Scene of a figure, with their back to the viewer, sitting across the table from a policeman.

Kenilworth. New Police Station

Exterior of the new police station in Smalley Place, Kenilworth. 1960s