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Conveyance by William, Earl of Warwick to Alan his cook (son of Richard), of the office of the kitchen and lands at Woodloes and Woodcote

For the annual rent of a pair of gloves at Easter. Richard gave the Earl 10 shillings, 12 geese and a sester of wine [c4 gallons].

Conveyance by William, Earl of Warwick, to Godwin, of a grove between the two Woodcotes

Annual rent of a pound of pepper at Christmas. In consideration of 22 shillings.

Conveyance of land to Ralph Sheldon

Conveyance from Richard Parsons to Ralph Sheldon of four yard lands in Barcheston. February 10th, 38 Elizabeth I. [1595/96]

Copy of Exchequer court proceedings relating to embezzlement by Thomas Fisher

Letters Patent of Inspeximus of Exchequer court case involving the embezzlement of funds, for the total sum of £479, by Thomas Fisher late of the town of Warwick, esquire, deceased, lately a Receiver ...

Copy of memorial inscription of Ernest Adolphus Waller

Referring to him as the second son of Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, Bart, and Curate of this parish [Tachbrook] for nearly 12 years, who died 20 April 1845, aged 37 years

Copy of the will of Matthew Wise

Of the Priory in the borough of Warwick, made 17 July 1772, with codicil dated 12 Oct 1775, copy made 18 Sep 1776.

Copy of valuation of property of Henry Christopher Wise in Lillington

Made by John Moore. With columns for occupiers, field names, description or type of cultivation, field map number, quantities or acreages, estimated rentals, rateable values and name or situation for ...

Copy will of Sir Thomas Puckering of the Priory, Warwick

Including bequest to the poor and his servants.

Coventry Works Sport Association Booklet

A small green booklet issued by Coventry Works Sports Association. The booklet contains infortmation about the constitution and rules of the association. The front cover is printed with 'COVENTRY WORKS ...

Czech Army Newsletter

Newsletter, Nase Noviny / Our News, Czech Army Daily No. 116. Monday 28 October 1940. It has an address by Dr Edvard Benes.

Czech Army Newsletter

Newsletter, Nase Noviny / Our News, 7 March 1941. Has an illustration of a gentleman on the first page.

Czech Army Newsletter

Newsletter, Nase Noviny / Our News, Friday 25 April 1941. It is made from one piece of paper folded in half. It features and illustration of Winston Churchill and an article about him.

Czechoslovak Legionaires Commemorative Dinner Menu

Menu for a commemorative dinner held by the Czechoslovak Legionaires at the Pump Rooms, Royal Leamington Spa, Saturday 29 October 1960.

Death Certificate

The death certificate of Harry Lock, dated 25th November 1932.

Despatch Mention

A framed certificate stating that Quartermaster Sergeant B. Toombs of the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons was mentionned in a despatch by Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig on the 16th March 1919. The certificate ...

Diabolo Instructions

A printed instruction sheet for the child's game diabolo, with words and five photographs, c.1900-1925.


Augustus Hewitt's pocket diary. It is one of three diaries and has a red and white striped cover, October 2nd 1874.


Augustus Hewitt's diary with a brown cover. It is one of three diaries, 11th December 1873.