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Dalton portrait of William Shakespeare

This painting is copied from the Chandos Portrait. Height 48 cm; width 40 cm (frame). Oil on panel Probably painted in the nineteenth-century By W.F. Dalton Identity number SBT 1994-19/40

Danger Deep Water

Colin Moss (1914-2005) Danger Deep Water, 1939-1941 Pencil and watercolour on paper 430mm x 573mm A pond with the reflections of the surrounding trees on its surface. In the background on the left is ...

Darker Pink Enola Gay Axo-head 1

Terry Atkinson (born 1939) Darker Pink Enola Gay Axo-head 1, 1991 Acrylic on wood board 230mm x 320mm The Enola Gay series was begun in 1988 and finished in 1992. This series attempts to bring philosophical ...

Dawn Landscape

Cecil Collins (1908-1989) Dawn Landscape Oil on board 180mm x 230mm Donated by Elisabeth Collins through the National Art Collections Fund 2000 The imaginative neo-romanticism of Collins’ work recalls ...


Edwin Byatt (1888-1948) Delphiniums Watercolour on paper 550mm x 380mm Still life painting of a brown earthenware jug containing flowers.

Dick and Puffin

Nancy Youngman (born 1906) Dick and Puffin, 1931 Oil on board 615mm x 500mm A portrait of Dick Hosking holding Puffin, the cat. Nan (Nancy) Youngman was at the Slade in the late 1920's and became a lifelong ...

Dieppe, La Plage A Contre Jour

Francis Tailleux Dieppe, La Plage A Contre Jour, 1938 Oil on canvas 260mm x 400mm Coastal scene with two boats at sea.

Dingle Bay

Cathleen Mann (1896-1959) Dingle Bay, 1957 Oil on canvas 630mm x 750mm A coastal view of a bay, with houses and palm trees in the foreground, county Kerry, Ireland. © Lord Queensbury for Cathleen Mann ...

Dixmude Shrine

Anne St John Partridge (1888-1935(fl) Dixmude Shrine Watercolour on paper 400mm x 320mm This painting depicts a scene looking down a lane. There is a shrine above the archway that crosses over the ...

Don't Be Frightened

Fred Morgan (1856-1927) Don't Be Frightened, 1892 Watercolour on paper 550mm x 370mm A woman standing in the sea, she is holding a child and is about to lower her into the sea to teach her to swim.

Dorothy Vernon's Chapel

Samuel Rayner (fl. 1821-1872) Dorothy Vernon's Chapel Watercolour on paper 465mm x 335mm A scene inside Dorothy Vernon's Chapel at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire.

Dorset Heath

E.C. Pascoe Holman A Dorset Heath Watercolour on paper 375mm x 545mm A landscape view of Dorset Heath with gypsy caravans to the left and horses to the right.

Dorset Landscape

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Dorset Landscape, 1902 Oil on canvas 603mm x 906mm A landscape scene of a view along a track towards a house. There are cattle grazing and the sky is dark ...

Dorset Landscape

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Dorset Landscape Oil on canvas 290mm x 450mm A landscape scene with cows grazing and buildings to the far left.

Dr Frederick Haynes

Annie Edwards Dr Frederick Haynes, 1910 Oil on canvas A portrait of Dr Frederick Haynes (1845 - 1935) who lived and worked in Leamington Spa. He lived at 3 Spencer Street from 1872-1874, 23 The Parade ...

Dr Henry Jephson

John Bostock (fl. 1826-1869) Dr Henry Jephson, 10th June 1850 Watercolour on paper 670mm x 490mm Portrait of Dr Henry Jephson (1798 - 1878), a doctor and philanthropist who lived and worked in Leamington ...

Dr Parr

A. Chisholm Dr Parr Watercolour on paper 365mm x 260mm Dr Samuel Parr (1747-1825) was a prolific figure in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He was Vicar of Hatton, a Greek and Latin ...

Drawing R1001

Bridget Riley (born 1931) Drawing R1001, 1971 Gouache and pencil on paper and hardboard 809mm x 849mm Presented by the Contemporary Art Society 2000 in memory of Nancy Balfour, OBE. The way in which colours ...