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The Tribute Money

Masaccio The Tribute Money Signor Mariannecci (copyist) Ink on paper 485mm x 820mm A scene with twelve apostles, one of whom is giving money to an invalid. This is a copy of the fifteenth century fresco ...

The Virgin and Child

Girolamo dai Libri (1474-1556) The Virgin and Child Eduard Kaiser (copyist) Ink on paper 702mm x 560mm Copy of a fresco by Libri of the Virgin and Child with two saints. It was published by the Arundel ...

The Vision Of San Antonio

A sepia photograph of a painting depicting the Vision Of San Antonio in Seville Cathedral. 352mm x 277mm

Two Heads

Signor Mariannecci Two Heads Ink on paper 460mm x 652mm Two studies of heads from the Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Italy. This print was produced from a copy by Mariannecci of the original ...


Cecil Collins (1908-1989) Untitled, 1960 Ink and chalk on paper 480mm x 310mm A drawing of a black angel figure in black ink and chalk. The imaginative neo-romanticism of Collins' work recalls the ...


Lady Chatteleno (R. D. Ferriers) Untitled Oil on canvas 890mm x 680mm Madonna and child set against a landscape.

Vatican, Rome

Sepia photograph of a statue of a man with dolphins in his beard and hair, either Ocean or Neptune, in the Vatican, Rome. 230mm x 181mm.