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Councillor William Wilgress Donald

Unknown artist Councillor William Wilgress Donald Oil on canvas 800mm x 670mm William Wilgress Donald was Mayor of Leamington Spa Borough from 1912-1915.

Country Fete

This oil painting on panel depicts people at a fete in the grounds of a house and was painted by the English School about 1840. It was originally joined to another panel called 'Country Procession'. ...

Country Fete and Procession

These are two panel paintings which were originally joined which are painted by an English School about 1840. One shows people at a fete in the grounds of a house, and the other, people arriving at the ...

Country Girl

Mia Arnesby Brown (fl. 1905-1931) Country Girl Oil on canvas 450mm x 350mm Portrait of a young girl with short fair hair in a landscape setting, she is wearing a blue dress and holding an apple.

Country Procession

This panel painting depicts people arriving at a Country Fete on foot, horseback and by carriage. Some are making a tour of the allotment gardens. This painting was originally joined to Country Fete, ...

Courtyard In Spain

Christopher Hall Courtyard In Spain, 1927-1929 Oil on canvas 990mm x 750mm View of a courtyard with trees and a balcony and a blanket hung over a washing line.


Elizabeth Whitehead (1854-1934) Coventry Watercolour on paper 255mm x 305mm This painting of a woman standing at the porch of an old timber-framed house in Coventry is also known as 'The Old Manor ...

Coventry Cathedral Spire

Unknown Coventry Cathedral Spire, 1940 Watercolour on paper 220mm x 160mm The painting depicts the spire of Coventry Cathedral, seen from across roof-tops.


James and George Temple Crawley Watercolour on paper 410mm x 780mm A busy village scene with a carriage passing through. The brothers James Temple (1843 – 1921) and George Temple (1847 – 1910) worked ...

Cream Glazed Pot

Patrick Caulfield (born 1936) Cream Glazed Pot, 1979 Gouache on card 850mm x 650mm Presented by the Contemporary Art Society in 1988 Caulfield’s use of outline is well demonstrated in his prints. This ...


Cecil Collins (1908-1989) Crucifixion, April 1953 220mm x 145mm This painting depicts a crucified figure in red and white on a green and white cross.


John Burgess Jnr (1813-1874) Crummock Watercolour on paper 365mm x 520mm The painting depicts a lake surrounded by mountains at Crummock, Cumbria. There are two trees to the right and a small island in ...

Cupid and Psyche

John Kirk Cupid and Psyche, 1847-1854 Oil on canvas 1420mm x 1130mm The tale of Cupid and Psyche dates back centuries. Possibly the earliest written tale appeared in the 2nd Century AD. In short, it is ...

Cutty Sark

Arthur J T Briscoe (1873-1943) Cutty Sark Watercolour on paper 510mm x 710mm A view of the Cutty Sark sailing ship at sea.

D.T. Brock

Harold Barron D.T. Brock, c. 1950-1960 Oil on canvas 800mm x 675mm A portrait painting of D.T. Brock as an elderly gentleman. He is wearing black rimmed glasses and a dark blue suit and is sitting down ...


Robert Van Buren Emmons (fl. 1928-1938) Dahlias Oil on canvas 500mm x 600mm A still life painting of three dahlias in a green vase.

Daisy the Cow

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a black and white cow called Daisy, and her calf. There are also two swans on a pond. The inscription on the reverse 'Plumber, Glazier and Painter,Pumps of ...

Daisy the Cow - reverse

This is the reverse of an oil painting on canvas depicting a black and white cow called Daisy, and her calf. There are also two swans on a pond. The inscription on the reverse 'Plumber, Glazier and Painter, ...