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Where Children Play And Seagulls Fly

Dorothea Sharp (1874-1955) Where Children Play And Seagulls Fly Oil on canvas 900mm x 900mm Scene with a woman holding a child and a young boy, they are paddling. The boy is feeding seagulls.

Whichford. Bert Smith and his wife

Studio portrait of Bert Smith, World War One soldier, and his wife. Whichford. 1910s

Whichford. Slatter family cycling

Members of the Slatter family and their bicycles at Whichford. 1900s

Winderton. Joseph and Thistle Hitchman

Studio portrait of Joseph Hitchman (born 1823 in Winderton), agricultural workman and his granddaughter Thistle May Hitchman (born 1901). Photo c.1902