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Leamington Spa. Victoria Bridge

Victoria Bridge, Leamington Spa, with tram passing over. Road sweepers hand cart in foreground. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Victoria Park, railway viaduct

The railway viaduct over the River Leam, Victoria park, Leamington. There are three ladies pushing their infants in perambulators along the river-side path. A passenger train is crossing the bridge, ...

Leamington Spa. Weir

Weir and footbridge spanning the River Leam, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Willes Bridge

Willes Road Bridge and the River Leam, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Willes Road

View along Willes Road showing Willes Bridge and the gateway into the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Willes Road

Willes Road, Leamington Spa, with two delivery men and bicycle. 1910s

Little Lawford. Footbridge

Footbridge, Little Lawford. 1964

Llanfaes Bridge and the River Usk at Brecon

Colour postcard88mm x 139mmLlanfaes Bridge and the River Usk at Brecon.

Long Itchington. Accident at Cuttle Bridge

Cuttle Bridge, Long Itchington showing damage to the footbridge caused by a lorry. There are two workmen and a policeman leaning on his Velocette motorbike. There is a BBC van in the background. 27th ...

Long Itchington. Cuttle Bridge

Cuttle Bridge, Long Itchington. A view of the bridge following repair after a lorry drove into it. 1964, and showing The Two Boats Inn. 1964

Long Itchington. Holy Trinity church and River Itchen

Holy Trinity church and River Itchen, Long Itchington. A man is standing on the footbridge looking towards the church. February 26th 1953

Long Itchington. River Itchen, showing bridge

Three arched bridge over River Itchen, Long Itchington. 1960s

Magdalen Tower and Magdalen Bridge, Oxford

Colour postcard98mm x 145mmMagdalen Tower and Magdalen Bridge in Oxford.

Marton. Old Bridge

The old bridge over the River Leam at Marton. 1910s

Napton & Stockton. Railway Station

Napton and Stockton Railway Station, showing the station, platform, and railway bridge on the London and North Western Railway Line. Platform and station decorated with plants, rocks and advertisements; ...

Napton on the Hill. Oxford Canal

Canal at Napton, showing liftbridge. Boys fishing off the bridge, one has a dog/rabbit? 1910s [The lad has a dog - its not likely to be a rabbit!]

Newbold on Avon. Avon Bridge

The road over the River Avon at Newbold, with an elevated pedestrian walkway alongside. 1910s

Newbold on Avon. Village view

View towards Newbold on Avon with Green's Bridge, over the Oxford Canal, in the foreground. 1904 [Bridge 50 on the North Oxford canal looking towards St. Botolph's church. The Barley Mow public house ...