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Rugby. Elsee Road

View looking down Elsee Road, Rugby showing large terraced houses on either side, a horse and cart parked on the right hand side and two dogs in the road following a cyclist. 1900s

Rugby. Grosvenor Road

View along Grosvenor Road, Rugby. 1910s

Rugby. High Street

A small group of children in High Street, Rugby. 1900

Rugby. High Street

High Street, junction with Lawrence Sheriff Street, Rugby. 1929

Rugby. Hillmorton Paddox

Shops and houses in Hillmorton Paddox, Rugby. 1950s

Rugby. Hillmorton Paddox, Warren Road

Warren Road, Hillmorton Paddox, Rugby. 1928

Rugby. Hillmorton Road

Tree lined Hillmorton Road, Rugby. 1910s

Rugby. King Edward Road

King Edward Road, Rugby. 1915

Rugby. Lawford Road

Scene from Lawford Road, Rugby showing view of terraced houses and a couple of people in the street. ER 111. 1906

Rugby. Lawford Road

View along Lawford Road, Rugby. 1900 [St Oswalds Gardens are seen on the left of this photograph and Torrance Lane is on the right by the gas lamp]

Rugby. Little Church Street

Little Church Street, junction with Windsor Court, Rugby. 1930

Rugby. Market Place

Market Place, Rugby. 1880s

Rugby. Market Place

Market Place, showing the clock tower, Rugby. 1930

Rugby. Murray Road

View along Murray Road, Rugby. 1915

Rugby. Newbold Road

View of Newbold Road showing "Northfield", Rugby. 1908

Rugby. North Street, old cottages

Old cottages and other buildings in North Street, Rugby. 1910s

Rugby. Park Road

Park Road, Rugby. 1910s

Rugby. Pennington Street

Pennington Street, showing St Matthew's Church of England Infants School on the left, Rugby. c. 1880