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British Empire Cancer Invitation Cup

Football trophy in the shape of a shield. It has an emblem showing a footballer and is inscribed with "British Empire Cancer Invitation Cup Winners 1966". It is attached to a stand made from Bakelite. ...

Bronze-bound Wooden Bucket

Bucket with a decorated iron handle, made of wooden staves bound with four bronze hoops. This bucket was discovered in a child’s grave. 6th Century A.D. 122mm x 130mm diameter 1922/23 excavations ...

Bronze-bound Wooden Bucket

Bucket with wooden staves and bound with three bronze hoops found in a female grave. 6th Century A.D. 120mm x 140mm diameter


Wooden handled gentleman's brush with "R.P.R." pierced into the handle. It would have been used in one of the dressing rooms that were attached to the treatment areas at the Royal Pump Rooms.

Buddhist Text

Hand written copy of the Pali text, from Sri Lanka, written in the Pali language and Sinhala script. It is a copy of the well known sermon 'Mahasatipatthana Suttam Vitthara Mukhena' by Gautama Buddha ...

Building Fragment

This fragment of wood is from St Sepulchre's Priory, Warwick. The priory was established in 1124.

Busk Stay

This finely carved busk stay was made in the 18th Century. Busk stays, also known as broad busks, were worn at the front of a corset to give a smooth line to the bodice and encourage the wearer to stand ...

Butcher's block

This is a butcher's chopping block of naturalistic form, with three splayed lags, made from ash. It dates from the 19th century. Height 640mm, Width 550mm

Calabash Bowl

A carved, half gourd, circular bowl from the Gold Coast. The exterior is decorated with carved animals painted white and geometric shapes. There is a crocodile motif on the base, which is similar to designs ...

Calabash Bowl

A large calabash bowl, listed as being from South America. The bowl is shallow but wide and has been carved from a gourd. The exterior of the bowl is decorated by incised patterns and shapes.

Canada Goose decoy

This is a polychrome pine floating goose decoy, detailed with stylised plumage. Decoys were carved and painted by hunters, who set out to capture the essence of a bird rather than creating precise ornithological ...

Candle Lantern

This candle lantern was in use around 1800. It is made from wood and glass, and has a wooden handle on one side. There is a candle holder inside.


A candlestick made of metal with turned wooden base and applied beaded decoration. There is moulded foliage on the metal shaft.

Card Case

An English card case c.1850. It is made of wood with a mother of pearl decorative casing in a diamond pattern.

Card Case

A woman's wooden card case from the Victorian period. A rectangular case with a lid, decorated with foliage and flowers. It would have contained visiting cards.

Card Case

An English card case c.1850. It is made of wood and decorated with applied mother of pearl in a geometric pattern. It has metal fixings for the lid and is lined with velvet.

Card Case

Card cases were used by fashionable women to carry visiting cards in the 19th Century. The cards were left at houses to announce the arrival of friends or acquaintances and formed part of the social etiquette ...

Carved Bust of Shakespeare - left-hand side

This mulberry-wood carving appears to have been copied from the Holy Trinity Church memorial bust. Henry Cooper, the carver, worked for the watchmaker and entrepreneur Thomas Sharp. Following the ...