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Southam. Warwick Street with terraced housing

A street in Southam with terraced housing and the parish church in the distance. 1952

Arbury. Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall, the stable block 1950s

Arbury. Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall, the stable block. 1960s

Hunningham. 1 and 2 Elm Farm Cottages

Semi-detached house, children in street outside it and motor cars on the road, Hunningham. 1930s

Hunningham. Elm Cottages

Elm Cottages in Hunningham with a little girl standing in front of a water pump. The cottage at the end of the row is Vine Cottage. 1920s [This was previously described as, "Elm Farm Cottages in ...

Alcester. Church Street

Church Street, Alcester, showing the bakers shop and cafe of Joan Goss. 1930s

Alcester. Church Street

Cottages in Church Street, Alcester, which have now been demolished. 1930s [Photo is of Henley Street. The tall chimney on left hand house is No.44. Across the lane is the hardware shop. all these buildings, ...

Leamington Spa. Christ Church

Christ Church at the North end of the Parade, Leamington Spa, circa 1957. It has been demolished.

Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club

Members of The Warwickshire Ladies Golf club, who played in the test match at Coventry on March 20th 1900. Miss A Steadman is on the grass, 2nd left.

Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club

The team of Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club who played Yorkshire at Coventry on April 2nd 1903. Miss A Steadman is on the grass - right.

Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club

The team of Warwickshire Ladies Golf Club who played Northamptonshire - the return match at Coventry on November 22nd 1900.

Wootton Wawen. Lane with car

A car driving along a country lane near Wootton Wawen. 3rd June 1967. This maybe near a property called "Parsonfield".

Wootton Wawen. St Peter's Church

St Peter's church, Wootton Wawen, seen across the fields. 1900s The Priory Pool in the foreground was filled in when the bend in the A34 was modified in around 1963

Wootton Wawen. Lady near the Mill Pool

Lady near the Mill Pool, Wootton Wawen. 1900s This is a rather precarious position between the Mill Pool (left) and the weir (right) in an area known as "Top River". The Mill Pool is now filled in....

Wootton Wawen. Timber framed cottage

A timber framed house in Wootton Wawen. 1900s "Blue Holes", an ex dyer's cottage on Evans' farm

Wootton Wawen. Vicarage

The Vicarage and Henley Road, Wootton Wawen. 1900s Known as "The Glebe" it is believed to have burnt down around 1965

Studley. Claremont House

Claremont House, Mill Lane (now Castle Road), Studley. 1900s A correspondent to the website has added the following: "I was fortunate enough to spend part of my childhood and early adult years living ...

Ladbroke. Church

All Saints Church Ladbroke. 1930s