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Exhall, nr Coventry. Coventry Road

Coventry road, Exhall, nr Coventry. Semi-detached houses, motor cars. 1930s newsagent's shop (?) with awning, woman with child in perambulator. 1930s.

Exhall, nr Coventry. Hay's Lane

Hayes Lane, Exhall, nr Coventry. Semi-detached houses. 1920-30s

Fenny Compton. High Street

Fenny Compton houses in High Street. 1930s

Fenny Compton. Northend Road

Row of council houses in Northend Road, Fenny Compton. 1950s

Fenny Compton. School Hill

Fenny Compton houses in School Hill. 1930s

Fenny Compton. Station Road

Fenny Compton houses in Station Road. 1930s

Fenny Compton. The Woad House

The Woad House, Fenny Compton. 1948

Frankton. Cottages

A row of cottages in Frankton. 1930s

Garner's (The Marine Library), High Street, Margate

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Garner's The Marine Library, High Street, Margate, Kent. This view of Margate's High Street was very popular during the 19th century, and artists often worked ...

Gaydon. Banbury Road

Semi-detached houses and gardens in Banbury Road, Gaydon. 1940s

Goodyers End Lane.

Semi-detached housing in Goodyers End Lane. 1920s

Gower House, Leamington Spa

Gower House on the corner of Radford Place and Horfield Place in Leamington Spa, c. 1890-1900.

Grendon. Villa

The Villa, Grendon. 1930s

Hampton on the Hill. Village street

Village street in Hampton on the Hill. A small boy is standing in the foreground. 1900s

Harborough Magna. Row of new houses

A row of new semi-detached houses in Harborough Magna. 1950s

Harbury. Ashton House

Ashton House, Harbury. 1900s

Harbury. Mill Street

Mill Street and the Shakespeare Inn, Harbury. 1950s

Harbury. South Parade

Cottages in South Parade, Harbury. 1950s