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Prisoner of War Postcard

Printed postcard with a hand written message from prisoner-of-war, Mr. John Gill to M. W H Whapples thanking him for the cigarettes. The postcard is printed in German script with ink stamps in German ...

Ration Book

A motor fuel ration book from India, No.396287 The rashion book was used to buy fuel for a motor cycle not exceeding 250cc. It was registered to a motor cycle with the vehicle number KAC 790 and belonged ...

Ration Book

A clothing ration book issued to Thomas Lamsdale, 1947 - 1948.

Red Cross Agricultural Fund Certificate

This certificate was awarded to Mrs Gibbs, in July 1945, for her fundraising efforts for the Rural Pennies section of the Red Cross Agriculture Fund.

Red Cross Letter Concerning Fund Raising

A letter from Mary Marlborough to Mrs Gibbs thanking her for her fund-raising efforts for the Red Cross Agriculture Fund, July 1945.

Rugby. "Salute the Soldier" campaign

A large advertisement for the "Salute the Soldier" campaign, Rugby. 1944


A scrapbook of cuttings relating to the Second World War, thought to have been compiled by Reginald Thomas Lamsdale. Some of the cuttings are loose, 1939-1945.

Second World War Air Raid Leaflet

Air Raid Precautions Handbook No.6 A paper-back booklet with a blue cover and black printing. It gives information on the precautions to be taken by factories and businesses against air raids. Her Majesty's ...

Second World War Air Raid Leaflet

This is a paper-back booklet that dates from the Second World War, 1939-1945. It contains information on how to protect homes against air raids. It has a stained cover with a crest at the top.

Second World War Air Raid Leaflet

A paper booklet issued by the Ministry of Home Security during the Second World War, 1939-1945. It contains information on how to protect homes against air raids.

Second World War Air Raid Leaflet

This is a folded blue paper leaflet, with black printing. It discusses air raid warnings, evacuations, food supplies and lighting restrictions. The leaflet dates from the 4th September 1939.

Second World War Bronze Star Medal

This is a bronze star medal with a dark blue, red and light blue coloured ribbon, c.1939 -1945.

Second World War Medal

A silver medal bearing a portrait of George VI, with a red, blue and white coloured ribbon attached, c.1939-1945. It was awarded to Flight Sergeant Edward Freeman who was an observer with the coastal ...

Second World War Poster

A propaganda poster featuring a European map showing Germany's intentions, 1939.

Second World War Poster

A colour poster from London. It warns citizens to be prepared for war. There is a woman and child depicted at the top of the poster. The caption reads 'The More We're All/ Prepared/ The Safer/ They Will ...

Second World War Poster Regarding Gas Masks

This is a poster warning people to carry their gas masks with them at all times. The poster is printed on white paper with red printing, c.1939.

Soldiers at Mobile Canteen Window after Blitz of World War Two

Group of soldiers enjoying a cup of tea.

St. Michael's After Destruction

Showing bomb damage to Coventry Cathedral.