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Little Virginia, Kenilworth

A black and white photograph of a roadside view of timber framed thatched cottages at Little Virginia, Kenilworth. There is a woman walking a dog to the far left of the image. 164mm x 214mm

Mother and Child

Alma Ramsey (1907-1993) Mother and Child, 1980 Marble 630mm x 285mm The sculptor Alma Ramsey studied at the Royal College of Art, 1927-30. She was taught by Gilbert Ledward and Henry Moore and was much ...

Newspaper Cutting

A newspaper cutting from Leamington Spa. The article describes life as the wife of a parson.

Newspaper Cutting

A newspaper cutting from Leamington Spa showing a photo of a family group. The article celebrates Mrs Callis Bell's 100th birthday.

Noah's Ark

The Noah's Ark was a popular toy in the 19th century. It was considered a suitable toy to play with on Sundays, because it was based on a bible story. This ark is made from wood, covered with strips ...

Portrait of Pauline Brenda Hood as a Baby with her Mother

A sepia photograph of a woman holding a baby standing in a garden. The baby is Pauline Brenda Hood, aged six weeks. 82mm x 107mm


William Lee-Hankey (1869-1952) Poverty Oil on canvas 1015mm x 815mm A woman sitting with a young girl on her lap and a young boy at her side.


A four wheeled pram.

Preston on Stour. Semi-detached house

Semi-detached property in Preston On Stour with family group. 1910s

Preston on Stour. West Family

The West family from Alscot Park, Preston on Stour. 1882

Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa

A black and white copy photograph by John Wright of the Royal Pump Room Gardens, c.1885 - 1889. The river Leam is to the left and there is a family group sitting on a bench, also to the left. 300mm x ...

Quinton. Family group at Meon Hill

The Pippet family of Clifford Chambers pictured on Meon Hill, Quinton. [Left to right - Rev. W.A.Pippet, Monica Pippet, William Adams, Kingston Adams, Dorothy Adams(in front)Cicely Adams, Mary Anne ...

Railway Poster - Minehead

Great Western Railway A poster advertising Minehead. It depicts a couple with a child and dog seated on a beach, with the seafront in the background, 1929.

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Prayers for our enemies, p.54r.

Life-style advice for Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Many of Day’s marginal woodcuts included scripture quotations and advice on lifestyle, such as ministering to the sick. Full title: ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Shelter strangers woodcut, p.53r, detail.

Christian charity offering shelter, in Shakespeare's time. Strangers traveling in the countryside were often made welcome, as Autolycus, Polixenes and Camillo find at the feast in the play of The Winter’s ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Tending the sick woodcut, p.74v, detail.

A family death-bed: a scene familiar to Shakespeare. A generation before William Shakespeare's birth, England was a Roman Catholic country changed by the actions of Henry VIII who declared himself ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Tending the sick woodcut, p.74v, detail.

Women in the home in Shakespeare's time. The role of women, though legally inferior to men, was in effect recognised of equal importance as they were expected to carry out all the responsibilities ...

Rugby. Dewar family

Mr William Dewar with his children in the garden of "Mayfield" Horton Crescent, Rugby. 1894 [Mr Dewar had only three children, from left to right - Agatha, Hester & Michael. The fourth child on the ...