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Nuneaton. Attleborough Road

View along Attleborough Road, Nuneaton. 1910s

Nuneaton. Pingles Fields

Tree felling at the Avenue Road entrance to the Pingle Fields 1968

Plutarch, The lives of the noble Grecians and Romaines, London, Richard Field, 1612 - dedication, p. A3r.

Shakespeare’s queen has books of history dedicated to her. Sir Thomas North, a lawyer, whose father had been an MP and privy councillor to Henry VIII and to Mary Tudor, dedicated his translation ...

Princethorpe. The Lime Walk, The Priory

Schoolgirls in uniform sitting and standing in The Lime Walk, The Priory, Princethorpe. 1930s

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Confessional prayer, p.56v.

The Christian life to be followed by Elizabethans. This prayer asks for forgiveness of sins and is flanked by flowers, a quotation and a woodcut on the sense of smell. Smells, both pleasant and unpleasant, ...

Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph By Walden Hammond 145mm x 205mm This photograph depicts the outside of the Royal Pump Rooms from the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. There are crocuses in the foreground....

Rugby School. Three Trees

Three trees being felled in School Close, Rugby School. 1900s

Rugby. Caldecott Park

General view of Caldecott Park, Rugby, which was opened in 1904.

Rugby. Caldecott Park

View in Caldecott Park, Rugby, which was opened in 1904.

Shrublands, Leamington Spa

William Oliver Shrublands, Leamington 560mm x 760mm A view of the ornate gardens of Shrublands in Leamington Spa, as seen from the house. This lithograph was produced by Emma S. Oliver from an original ...

Shuckburgh, Lower. Cottages in Park Lane

Estate workers cottages in Park Lane, Lower Shuckburgh. 1910s

Stockton. Elm Row

Stockton, Elm Row, showing newly built houses and water stand-pipe. 1900s

Stoneleigh. Stoneleigh Abbey, old oak tree in the grounds

An old oak tree in Stoneleigh Park. 1860s

Stratford upon Avon. Holy Trinity Church Avenue

Gravestones and avenue of trees at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford upon Avon. 1900s

Stratford upon Avon. Holy Trinity Church avenue to porch

Holy Trinity church avenue leading to the north porch, Stratford upon Avon. 1900s

Stretton on Fosse. Village street

A village street and houses in Stretton on Fosse. 1900s

Stretton under Fosse. Newbold Revel

Newbold Revel seen from the park, Stretton under Fosse. 1948

Temple Grafton. Grafton Court

Grafton Court house and gardens, Temple Grafton. 1900s [The Court is actually on the site of an older stately moated house that was burnt down. Signs of the moat in the gardens can still be seen. When ...