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Portrait of Elizabeth Hopton

Unknown artist Portrait Of Elizabeth Hopton Watercolour on paper 130mm x 100mm Elizabeth Hopton was born Elizabeth Satchwell, the daughter of Benjamin Satchwell. She was the postmistress at Leamington ...

Postage Stamp

A one penny stamp, from Leamington Spa, which has been signed by John Craig. The stamp is in a wood and glass frame.

Priors Marston. Post Office

Post office with an old lady and a postman outside, Priors Marston. 1900s

Quinton, Lower. Post Office

The Post Office, Lower Quinton and neighbouring cottages. 1905

Quinton, Lower. Post Office

The post office, Lower Quinton - a different location in No.02091. 1910s

Radford Semele. Post Office

Group of women and children standing in the road with the Post Office, Radford Semele, in the background. 1900s

Ratley. Post Office

Ratley Post Office. 1955

Rowington. Post Office

The post office and telegraph office at Rowington. 1910s [It has been suggested that the people in the photograph are George Amos Boyles (b1887) with his 2 daughters, Gladys Annie (b1914) and Leah May ...

Salford Priors. Post Office

Street scene in Salford Priors, with a motor car and a bicycle outside the post office. 1920s

Shipping Poster - Royal Mail Atlantis Cruises

A poster advertising Royal Mail Atlantis cruises. The poster depicts a woman selling carpets and crafts from a boat. It is printed in vivid primary colours.

Shipping Poster - Union-Castle Line to South and East Africa

Royal Mail Service A poster advertising the Union-Castle line to South and East Africa. It depicts an African man in a rowing boat holding up a hat and smiling. The coastline is pictured in the background....

Shottery. Post Office

Shottery Post Office. Gardens at the rear. 1910s

Shrewley. Post Office

Shrewley Post Office. 1900s

Stamp: Royal Leamington Spa Franking Stamp

A metal Leamington Spa Royal Warrant franking stamp with a blue painted wooden plunger handle in a card box.

Stretton on Fosse. Post Office

Stretton on Fosse post office, part of thatched cottage. Tricycle outside. 1900s

The King's Harms

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting the King's Arms Inn in Manchester, with a mail coach stopped outside. It was painted by an artist of the English Provincial School, in about 1800. The artist ...

Tredington. Post Office

Tredington Post Office. 1910s

Warwick. Eastgate

Eastgate, with telephone cabin, post box and drinking fountain under the walls, Warwick. 1930s