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Restaurant and Confectioner's Receipt

A black, white and blue printed and handwritten receipt from Dr Davis to Powell Bros., Restaurateurs, Cooks and Confectioners, The Parade, Leamington Spa. The receipt gives details of groceries with their ...

Returning From A Bad Market. Butter Only One and Nine

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a farmer and his wife returning from market. There is a painted inscription along the bottom which reads 'Returning from a bad market, Butter only one and ...

Royal Pump Rooms Restaurant Receipt, Leamington Spa

A receipt from the restaurant at Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa. It shows the price of the meals.

Rugby. Market Place

Market Place, Rugby. 1880s

Spa Water Toffee - Label

A label for spa water toffee with a hole for a tie. One side has a black and white photograph of the Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa and the other side has a space for a Christmas message.

Spa Water Toffee Box

This cardboard box originally contained Spa Water toffee. The toffee was made by Moore & Co Ltd of Church Walk, Leamington Spa. The box is constructed with staples and it is possible that the card was ...

Spa Water Toffee Box - Lid

This is the lid to a Spa Water Toffee Box. The lid is made of stapled cardboard. The text printed on the top of the lid reads: 'ROYAL LEAMINGTON / SPA WATER / TOFFEE / MANUFACTURED (FROM THE NATURAL SPA ...

Stockton. View from the hill

View from the Hill, Stockton. Mr Winters on Mr Grants' pony and trap, the baker from Southam who delivered to the Co-op in Stockton. 1902

Stratford upon Avon. Pigs in street

Pigs, property of F. Tyler, West End Bakery, in street with group of on-lookers, Stratford upon Avon. 1910

Tea Packet

This paper packet originally contained tea from Tilley And Saunders, Leamington Spa. The printed text on the front of the packet reads: 'T And S / For Quality / Willes Road Stores / Leamington Spa'. The ...

The Eagle Tavern, Hammersmith

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting an exterior view of The Eagle Tavern public house in Hammersmith, London. It is signed and dated 'J. Chalmers 1857' in the bottom left. A sign on the left reads ...

The Godiva Cafe

View of the Godiva Café in lower precinct at night.

The Royal Ratcatcher

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting the Royal Ratcatcher in a kitchen scene. Painted on the bottom right is a signature which can be read as 'J. Mark' or 'J Clark', but the date is unknown. ...

Warwick. Jury Street

Jury Street and the East Gate, Warwick. 1921

Warwickshire Windmills - read this first

By typing 'Windmill' in the Quick Search you have retrieved a number of resources. This one allows you to download text files for two out-of-print Warwickshire Museum booklets: Warwickshire Windmills ...

Wooden Flour Barrel

Round wooden flour barrel, bound by three hoops. The handle is held in place by wooden pins. Late 19th century 240mm diameter x 248mm

Wrenson's Grocers Shop Diary

A hard-backed book calendar and diary presented to good customers of Wrenson's Grocers shop, 81 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa. The book has a blue cover with images of houses and the river Leam and gold ...