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Locksmith's sign

This locksmith's sign is made of wood, copper and iron, and is shaped as a large padlock. It comes from Northern Europe. Height 895mm, Width 615mm, Depth 150mm

Locksmith's sign

This locksmith's sign is made of grey-painted wood and zinc and is shaped as a key. It is British. Height 450mm, Length 1220mm, Width 105mm

Nuneaton. Abbey Green and Midland Road

Group of children standing in front of shops in Abbey Green and Midland Road, Nuneaton. 1900s

Nuneaton. Abbey Street

Abbey Street, Nuneaton. 1960s

Nuneaton. Ansley Road, Chapel End

Ansley Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton. 1900s Barber's on the corner of the street: 'White's Shaving Rooms'.

Nuneaton. Church Street

Church Street, Nuneaton. 1950s

Nuneaton. Coton Road

General view of a street in Nuneaton, with cars parked on both sides of the road. 1960s [formerly listed as Coventry Street. Apparently the corner of the building on the left is the Town Hall.]

Nuneaton. Coton Road

Children playing in Coton road, Nuneaton. 1900s

Nuneaton. Edward Street

A view along Edward Street, Nuneaton. 1922

Nuneaton. Leicester Road

Leicester Road, Nuneaton. 1920

Nuneaton. Queen's Road

Queen's Road, Nuneaton. 1950s

Nuneaton. Queen's Road

Shops, motor car and street lighting on Queen's Road, Nuneaton. 1950s

Nuneaton. St Mary's Road

St Mary's Road, Nuneaton. 1928

Pailton. Rugby Road

Cottages in Rugby Road, Pailton. 1900s

Pincer's sign

This sign, a large model of a pair of pincers, was possibly manufactured as an ironmonger's shop display piece. Made of ash, it dates from the first half of 20th century. Height 1170 mm, Width 578 mm, ...

Polesworth. Market Square

Polesworth Market Square. 1950s

Polesworth. Nethersole Centre

View of Bridge Street, Polesworth with the Nethersole Centre on the left. This building was until the 1970's the village junior school. An inscription over the arch leading to the quadrangle (now hidden ...

Polesworth. Signpost near the town

A signpost near Polesworth indicating St Helena. 1953