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Ornament. Swinton. Brameld and Company

A Rockingham swan's nest porcelain ornament. It was made by Brameld & Co, Swinton, Yorkshire, c.1826-1842. The nest contains three eggs and the swan stands above on the edge. The nest is encrusted with ...


This 17th century wooden pipe with mother of pearl decoration and a wooden bowl with a clay interior was made in Holland. The wood around the bowl bears a carved image of a stag hunt in a forest. There ...


A Porcelain plate with a transfer printed decoration There are musical instruments and figures around the edge, and the words 'Baby Plate For Our Darling'. The central roundel has a scene of three children ...

Plate. Chelsea

A soft-paste porcelain plate Chelsea 1760-1765 It is decorated with flowers, birds and butterflies in enamel colours. There is a gold anchor mark on the base.

Plate. Chelsea

Plate Chelsea c.1758 A Chelsea, soft-paste porcelain plate with an Imari, 'brocaded Japan' style decoration. It has a blue underglaze with enamel colours and gilding.

Plate. J Kent Ltd. Coronation of Edward VIII

Plate made by J Kent Ltd to celebrate the coronation of Edward VIII in 1937. It is white porcelain with transfer printed and gilded decoration. At the centre there is a portrait of the King surrounded ...

Plate. Robert Chamberlain

Plate by Robert Chamberlain of the Worcester Porcelain Company c.1800 A bone china plate, painted in enamel colours and gilded. It depicts a Chinese figure standing in a garden.

Plate. Stoke-on-Trent

White porcelain plate made in Stoke-On-Trent. It is decorated with enamel painted flowers. The edges are gently scalloped and there is a floral cartouche printed on the base.

Plate. Stoke-On-Trent. Minton

Minton plate Stoke-On-Trent c.1862 A porcelain plate which is white with a band of deep blue covering around the edge.

Plate. Stoke-On-Trent. Spode

Plate Stoke-On-Trent c.1815-1827 A Spode felspar porcelain plate with flowers painted at the centre and a pink border with gilded edging. The Spode business was established by Josiah Spode in 1767. By ...

Plate. Swansea

Plate Swansea c.1811-1817 A white soft-paste porcelain plate, made in Swansea. It has raised floral decoration and gilt edging.

Plate. Swansea

Plate Swansea c.1811-1817 A white soft-paste porcelain plate, made in Swansea. It has with raised floral decoration and gilt edging.

Plate. Worcester. Barr, Flight & Barr

Plate made by Barr, Flight & Barr Worcester c.1808-1812 A porcelain dessert plate with a blue underglaze and enamel painting and gilding. There is a scratched B mark on the base. In 1783 Thomas Flight ...

Porcelain Head Doll

This doll, sold under the trade name 'Revalo', was made by the German maker Gebruder Ohlhaver. It has a bisque head - a matt (unshiny) porcelain, with blue closing eyes and a real hair wig. The ...

Porcelain Head Doll

This doll has a bisque head - a matt (unshiny) porcelain, with closing blue glass eyes and a mohair wig. Its body is made from leather, with bisque arms and composition legs.

Porcelain Head Doll

This doll's head was made in Germany by the maker Armand Marseille. His porcelain factory began making bisque doll's heads from c.1890, and became one of Europe's biggest producers. Bisque is a matt ...

Porcelain Head Doll

Toys become even more interesting when we know something about their history. This doll belonged to Winifred Woodcock, who was born in 1934. It was a Christmas present in 1938, when she was 4 years old. ...

Porcelain Head Doll

This bisque head doll, with her trunk of clothes, was given to Irene Hey for Christmas 1922. It was one of the best presents she ever had: "This precious doll came to me on Christmas Day in 1922. I ...