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Camouflaged Factory Buildings

Colin Moss (1914-2005) Camouflaged Factory Buildings (1939-1941) Pencil and watercolour on paper 380mm x 562mm Painter, draughtsman, printmaker and teacher, Colin Moss was based in Leamington Spa during ...

Canal At Radford, Leamington

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) Canal At Radford, Leamington Watercolour on paper 230mm x 330mm The painting depicts a view of the canal at Radford, Leamington. A horse is being led along the towpath and ...

Canine Friends

This is an oil painting on canvas of two dogs and was painted by the English Provincial School about 1870. At this time, paintings of horses and hounds were more usually by professional artists, and paintings ...

Cartoon For Window In Coventry Cathedral

John Piper (1903-1992) Cartoon For Window In Coventry Cathedral Watercolour on paper 1350mm x 650mm Purchased with the assistance of the Victoria & Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund 1968 In 1958 Piper ...

Carts on the Sussex Downs

T.H. Chin Carts on the Sussex Downs Oil on canvas 490mm x 580mm Landscape view with a haycart to the left.

Cascade in Langstrath Valley, Borrowdale

Doctor John Haswell (1855-1925) Cascade in Langstrath Valley, Borrowdale Oil on canvas 901mm x 693mm View of a waterfall at Borrowdale, Cumbria.

Castle Rock, Lynmouth, Devon

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Castle Rock, Lynmouth, Devon, February 1876 Watercolour on paper 176mm x 252mm The painting depicts a coastal view at Lynmouth in Devon.

Castle Scene

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) Castle Scene Pencil and watercolour on paper 310mm x 255mm The drawing depicts a view of a castle tower. A figure is crossing a bridge in the foreground.

Castle Square, Brighton

James and George Temple Castle Square, Brighton Watercolour on paper 410mm x 780mm A horse drawn carriage standing outside the Blue Coach Office and an Importer's shop. The south entrance to the Royal ...

Cattle and Landscape

Paulus Potter (After) (1625-1654) Cattle And Landscape, 1775-1800 Watercolour on paper 220mm x 295mm In the early 1990s this painting, which was originally attributed to Paulus Potter, was identified ...

Cattle at Stream

S.J. Clarke Cattle at Stream Oil on canvas 761mm x 1272mm A landscape scene with cattle by a stream.

Cattle Market At Dinan

Fairlie Harmar (1876-1945) Cattle Market At Dinan Oil on canvas 300mm x 395mm Donated by Edward Marsh to the Contemporary Art Society 1946 who presented it to Leamington Art Gallery & Museum 1947 Harmar ...

Cavalcade of the Princes of Nassau

Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne (After) (1589-1662) Cavalcade of the Princes of Nassau, 1675-1800 Oil on panel 313mm x 438mm The painting shows a cluster of eight noblemen on horseback in a landscape scene, ...


Edith D. Banks Celebration, 1961 Oil on canvas 340mm x 440mm A painting of flowers.

Changing Pastures

Robert J. Hewitt (1880-1927) Changing Pastures Watercolour on paper 345mm x 525mm A flock of sheep being herded along a country lane.

Chapel 1975-77

Andrew Lanyon (b.1947) Chapel 1975-77 Oil on board 430mm x 425mm Presented by the Contemporary Art Society in 1979. The painting shows a coastal view with a pier to the left, and angular shaped buildings ...

Chapel End, Harbury

Leon Underwood (1890-1975) Chapel End, Harbury Watercolour on paper 280mm x 390mm Underwood was based in Leamington Spa between 1939 and 1942 when he worked for the Civil Defence Camouflage Unit. It ...

Charcoal Burners

Douglas Percy Bliss (1900-1984) Charcoal Burners Oil on canvas 750mm x 1000mm A scene with men at work burning charcoal, there is an oast house in the background. An oast house is a kiln used to dry hops ...