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Wine Glass

Drinking glass with a straight-sided bowl fluted full-length. It has an opaque twist stem and a plain foot. This item is rare, c.1760-1770.

Winnowing Fan

A small brass fan used for winnowing rice. The fan has a flat square 'scoop' shape with a ring. There are traces of Indian writing on the underside.

Wooden Flour Barrel

Round wooden flour barrel, bound by three hoops. The handle is held in place by wooden pins. Late 19th century 240mm diameter x 248mm

Wooden ladle

This wooden ladle is painted with a dark varnish. It is possibly Welsh, from the 19th century. Height 750mm, Width 155mm, Depth 72mm

Wooden Lemon Squeezer

Wooden lemon squeezer, amde of two 'handles' joined by a metal hinge. The shaped 'cone' on the back handle sqeezes juice from the lemon held in the hole in the other. A peforated metal bowl (now missing) ...

Wooden Pastry Brush

Pastry brush with turned wooden handle, and bristles. Early 20th century 210mm long

Wooden Pie Raisers

These were used in the making of deep sided pies. The pastry was rolled out and one of the pie raisers put in the middle. The pastry was then worked up round the sides to form a cylinder. The pie raiser ...

Wooden Sieve

Round wooden sieve, with mesh made from a stiff, coarse-weave fabric. It would have been used to sieve dry products such as flour. Early 20th century 230mm diameter x 115mm