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Brownsover. Birthplace of Laurence Sheriff

Timber framed cottage at Brownsover where Laurence Sheriff was born. 1910s [The birthplace is disputed but more likely to have been in Rugby]

Castle Street, Warwick

A black and white photograph Castle Street, Warwick. The timber framed building in the centre was once owned by Thomas Oken, in the Sixteenth Century, and is known as Oken's House. 165mm x 214mm

Clarendon Crescent

Edith C. Reynolds (fl. 1909-1937) Clarendon Crescent Watercolour on paper 280mm x 390mm The painting depicts a view of Clarendon Crescent in Leamington Spa. Little is known about the Leamington Spa based ...

Clarendon Place, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph of a large house on the corner of Clarendon Place, 1947. There are two ladies approaching from the left. 380mm x 490mm

Claverdon. Station Road

Station Road, Claverdon. 1910s

Claverdon. Timber framed house

A timber framed house [Claverdon Hall] in Claverdon. 1900s

Claverdon. Timber framed house

A timber framed house in Claverdon. 1900s

Clifford Chambers. Cottages

Village street in Clifford Chambers showing row of cottages. 1905

Clifford Chambers. Detached house

A detached house in Clifford Chambers. 1900s

Clifford Chambers. Gates to a house

Front gates of a house in Clifford Chambers. 1910s

Clifford Chambers. Milcote

A large detached house and grounds in Milcote, Clifford Chambers. 1890s

Clifford Chambers. Old Rectory

Clifford Chambers. A large timber-framed house next to the church. 1900s

Clifford Chambers. Thatched and timbered cottage

A thatched and timbered house in Clifford Chambers. 1920s

Clifford Chambers. The Close

The Close, reputed to be the oldest building in Clifford Chambers, after reconstruction into one house in 1952.

Clifford Chambers. Village houses

Houses in Clifford Chambers. 1920s

Clifton upon Dunsmore. Council houses

Council Houses in Clifton upon Dunsmore. 1930s

Clifton upon Dunsmore. Village lane

A lane in Clifton upon Dunsmore. 1930s

Clifton Villa And Stanley Place (Leam Terrace), Leamington Spa

Print by J. Brandard(1812-1863) Clifton Villa & Stanley Place(Leam Terrace), Leamington Spa Ink on paper 199mm x 240mm View looking east along Clifton Villa and Stanley Place on the north side of Leam ...