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Great Square - Headed Gilt Brooch

A fine, gilded bronze brooch, elaborately decorated with interlaced patterns and stylised faces. The rounded terminal at the base of the brooch bears the eyes and forehead of a human face. Such impressive ...

Haberdasher's Bill

This bill was issued to Miss Hill by Bally and Righton Silk Mercers, Linen Drapers, Hosiers and Haberdashers. They were based on Upper Union Parade, Leamington Spa. The bill lists items that have been ...

Hampton Lucy. Avon Ford Cottage Garden

Avon Ford Cottage garden, Hampton Lucy. Two women with flowers. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Avon Ford Cottage Porch

Avon Ford Cottage porch, Hampton Lucy. Two women, seated, with baby and dog. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Edith and Mabel Passmore at Avon Ford Cottage

Edith & Mabel Passmore in garden of Avon Ford Cottage, Hampton Lucy. 1916

Hampton Lucy. Fairfax-Lucy family at Maxton, Scotland

Fairfax-Lucy family and donkey at Maxton, Scotland, Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Hunningham. Red Lion with drinkers outside

Three men drinking outside The Red Lion, Hunningham. Terrier dog. 1930s


This is a dark green herring-bone women's jacket with badges and ribbons, 1942.

Kenilworth. Castle, Gatehouse

Kenilworth Castle Gatehouse. 1880s

Kineton. Group of women and children

Group of women and children in Bridge Street, Kineton. 1904

Knitting Patterns

Knitting patterns in a brown envelope, for knitting baby clothes, c.1930-1939. The envelope contains brown paper knitting patterns and a copy of Best Way magazine with instructions for knitting baby clothes ...

Lace Box - open

This wooden box was used to store lace by local author George Eliot. In common with many Victorian ladies George Eliot adorned her clothing with lace. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local ...

Ladbroke. A school group photograph

Ladbroke School Group. Photo by W M C Tunnicliff. Back Row: 1. Miss Firman 2. Bertha Terry 3. Isabel Mason 4. Flo Timms 5. Ida Sprules 6. Flo Gibson 7. Nell Pestell 8. May Pestell 9. May Jenkins 10. Will ...

Ladbroke. School

Teachers and children outside Ladbroke School in 1976.

Leamington Spa. Bolton family group

Large family group (Bolton) outside a house. 1860s

Leamington Spa. Church Street

A family outside their cottage in Church Street, Leamington Spa. 1910s

Leamington Spa. E. Francis & Sons

Millinery and drapery department of E. Francis & Sons shop in Bath Street, Leamington Spa. 1920s

Leamington Spa. E. Francis & Sons Ltd

Part of the blouse and dress department of E. Francis & Sons Ltd. Bath Street, Leamington Spa. 1920s