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Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth

Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth Ink on paper 80mm x 120mm A view of figures strolling around Caesar's Tower at Kenilworth Castle. The group of figures seated in the foreground appear to be having a picnic.

Café Royal

Walter Richard Sickert (1860 - 1942) Café Royal or The Barnacle Woman Ink on paper 150mm x 100mm This etching depicts a seated woman wearing a large black hat.

Cartoon of the Early Days of Rail Travel

'Railway Station' - A cartoon depicting the disruption caused by passengers getting off a train. A small child has fallen over and a woman's hat box has been kicked.

Cartoon Print From The Leamington Punch

Ink on paper 430mm x 280mm This is a cartoon print from the Leamington Punch of 1865, and shows Rev. J. Craig and his sons.

Cavalry Charge

Cavalry ChargeInk on paper510mm x 380mmA scene depicting a charging cavalry or army. There is a man on horseback in the front holding his sword up to indicate the charge.

Cesar's Tower From Clinton Green, Kenilworth Castle

J. V. Barber Ink on paper Cesar's Tower From Clinton Green, Kenilworth Castle Engraved by W.T. Radclyffe 210mm x 275mm The print depicts a man with a bundle of sticks walking past the ruins of Kenilworth ...


J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906, died 1907) Charlecote Ink on paper 110mm x 160mm The print depicts Charlecote Hall with a lake or river in the foreground.

Charlecote Hall, the Seat of the Lucys

E. Duncan Charlecote Hall the Seat of the Lucys Ink on paper 220mm x 285mm This print shows a landscape scene of the deer park at Charlecote Hall with the Hall in the background. The image was engraved ...

Chipping Campden Church

Preston Cribb (1876-1937) Chipping Campden Church Ink on paper 225mm x 180mm The print shows a scene of the church at Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

Church of England, Booke of Common Prayer, 1596 - Colophon (printer's imprint), title page of Psalms.

Shakespeare’s own prayer-book. This little prayer-book which may have belonged to William Shakespeare, as several signatures in parts of the text indicate, was printed by the Queen’s printer, ...

Clarendon Square

Print by James Redaway Clarendon Square Published by J. Beck Ink on paper 185mm x 275mm This print shows a scene of Clarendon Square with figures walking and riding in the foreground.

Clarendon Square

Clarendon Square Ink on paper 150mm x 240mm This print depicts a view of figures walking and riding in Clarendon Square, Leamington Spa.

Clarendon Square

Colour print of Leamington Spa, Clarendon Square, c.1880-1915 63mm x 107mm There are terraces of town houses to the right and in the distance. In the foreground men and women are walking in front of a ...

Clarendon Square

Clarendon Square 150mm x 240mm This print depicts a view of Clarendon Square, Leamington Spa. There are terraced town houses to the right and in the distance. Figures and carriages are passing in the ...

Clemens Street, Blenheim Hotel, Leamington

Ink on paper Clemens Street, Blenheim Hotel, Leamington By John Merridew 120mm x 180mm The print depicts a street scene with the hotel to the left, there are figures walking, and two figures on horses....

Clemens Street, Leamington Spa

Leamington, Clemens Street, Blenheim Hotel &c Ink on Paper 250mm x 320mm This print of Clemens Street is one of a series of prints depicting views of Leamington Spa that were published by John Merridew ...

Clifton Villa And Stanley Place (Leam Terrace), Leamington Spa

Print by J. Brandard(1812-1863) Clifton Villa & Stanley Place(Leam Terrace), Leamington Spa Ink on paper 199mm x 240mm View looking east along Clifton Villa and Stanley Place on the north side of Leam ...

Coastal Scene

UntitledInk on paper220mm x 360mmA rough coastal scene with the harbour to the right and figures watching boats approaching the shore.