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Shottery. St Andrew's school

St Andrews school, Shottery with a few pupils outside. 1900s

Shottery. Stable cottages

Stable Cottages, Shottery. 1900s

Shottery. Tapestry Studio

Large timber framed, thatched building known as The Tapestry Studio. Shottery. 1900s

Shottery. Tea rooms at Hathaway Farm

Interior of Hathaway Farm tearooms, Shottery. 1920s

Shottery. Thatched and timbered cottages

Thatched and timbered cottages in Shottery. 1930s

Shottery. Thatches tea rooms

Thatches tea rooms, Shottery. 1950s

Shottery. Timber-frame cottages

Timbered and thatched cottages in Shottery. 1946

Shottery. Timber-frame cottages

Timber-frame, thatched cottages in Shottery. May 1956

Shottery. Village street

Village street with The Hathaway Temperance Hotel in the background. Shottery. 1910s

Shottery. Village street

Shottery village street. 1910s