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Reverend J. Lincoln Galton

Henrietta Gubbins Reverend J. Lincoln Galton, 1842 Pastel on paper 350mm x 255mm A portrait of the Reverend J. Lincoln Galton preaching at Christ Church, Leamington Spa, in 1842.

Reverend William Marsh

Taylor Reverend William Marsh, 1843 Oil on canvas Portrait of Reverend William Marsh holding his spectacles in his right hand and a book in his left.

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Christian duty p.53v, detail.

Homilies : life-style advised for Shakespeare and his contemporaries. All children would accompany their parents to church each Sunday, where they would hear the readings from the Bible, and also the ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Communion woodcut, p.62r, detail.

Holy Communion: a church service attended by all Elizabethans. This woodcut shows the distribution of wine and bread at Holy Communion to the congregation at the altar. It was the duty of all confirmed ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Prayers for our enemies, p.54r.

Life-style advice for Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Many of Day’s marginal woodcuts included scripture quotations and advice on lifestyle, such as ministering to the sick. Full title: ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Prayers for private use, p.62r.

Personal confessions: available to Shakespeare's contemporaries. Richard Day’s book of prayers was a very popular book owned by many of Shakespeare’s contemporaries. The prayers printed ...

Rugby. Canon Robert Dixon

The Reverend Canon Dixon entered the living of St Matthew's Church, Rugby, on January 6th 1866, and was a much loved clergyman. He died 8th January 1892 at the age of 86. 1880s

Rugby. Group of schoolgirls

A group of girls with a parson, possibly Reverend Synge, Curate of St Andrews, Rugby. 1896

Rugby. John Moultrie

Portrait of John Moultrie who was born on December 31st 1799. He was Rector of Rugby from 1825 to 1874. During his incumbency Holy Trinity Church was built (consecrated 1874) and he wrote a long poem ...

Rugby. Rev. Canon Baillie, M.A. Rector of Rugby

Reverend Canon Albert Victor Baillie, M.A. Rector of Rugby 1898-1912. 1900s

Rugby. Rev. H. Auriol Barker

Studio portrait of The Reverend H. Auriol Barker, vicar of St Matthew's Church, Rugby, from 1898 - 1909. 1900s

Rugby. Rev. J Murray and his curates

Reverend John Murray with his four curates. He was Rector of Rugby from 1875 to1898. 1898

Rugby. Rev. John Murray

Portrait of the Rev. John Murray, Rector of Saint Andrew's church, Rugby from 1875-1898. 1890s

Rugby. Revd. C.W. Goodman

The Revd. C.W.Goodman. First curate in Warwick then assisted the vicar of Dunchurch for forty years. He died in 1907 aged 65. 1890s

Rugby. St Matthew's Church Council

Group of members of St Matthew's Church Voluntary Council in 1901, Rugby. From back left - E T Fell, A G Salter, Rev. H Bancroft, T Duke, H Quilley, H Wykes. From front left - R H Myers, D Buchanan, Rev. ...

Salford Priors. Church bells

Three men, one the vicar, standing behind six church bells which are laying on the ground. Salford Priors. 1940s

Salford Priors. New church bells

Four men, one of whom is the vicar, standing behind eight new church bells at Salford Priors. 1940s

Southam. Deanery Clergy

Southam Deanery Clergy, group photograph. 3 July 1947