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Dunchurch. Green

The Green, Dunchurch with old cottages and cars. 1920s

Dunnington. Village street

Road leading to lodge or gatehouse, Dunnington. Thatched and timber-framed cottage. 1900s

Easenhall. Cottages and Congregational chapel

Cottages and Congregational chapel, Easenhall. 1920s

Eathorpe. Cottages and fields

Street in Eathorpe with cottages and fields in the background. 1900s

Fenny Compton. Lane to the church

Lane leading to church and cottages, Fenny Compton. 1940s.

Fenny Compton. View of the hills

Fenny Compton view of the hills. 1930s

Fenny Compton. View of the village

Fenny Compton view of the village showing the church. 1930s

Gaydon. Village view

Looking towards Gaydon Church from the north with the County Library on the left. Group of children in the road. 1950s

Gaydon. Village view

Gaydon looking towards the church with thatched cottages and the County Library on the left. There are children in the street and a motorcar on the left (number plate OG 3492). 1950s

Gaydon. Village view

A view of the village across fields, Gaydon. 1950s


Grandborough. 1890s

Great Wolford. Village scene

Village scene with cottages round a green and the church in the background. 1920s

Great Wolford. Village view

View of the village of Great Wolford. 1930s

Hampton Lucy. Bridge Street

Bridge Street, Hampton Lucy. 1930s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill and River Avon

View of the River Avon and mill at Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Harbury. Chapel Street

Women with perambulators and children standing in Chapel Street, Harbury. The Fox Inn is seen in the left foreground. 1907 [The building behind the two ladies with prams was the old bakery and the shop ...

Henley in Arden. High Street

High Street, Henley in Arden. 1920s

Henley in Arden. High Street North End

View of the North end of the High Street from the church tower, Beaudesert. 1920s