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Undertaker's Bill

A bill for the funeral of Annie Wright in Leamington Spa, dated 2nd February 1929.

Vaccination Certificate

A certificate dated 16th April 1973, issued to Miss Christine Ledger, certifying that she had been revaccinated against smallpox.

Wage Slip

Wage slip issued by Clarke, Cluley and Co. Ltd for the week ending 28 January 1950. The total wages were £8 3s. 10d. Clarke, Cluley and Co. Ltd was established in Well Street, Coventry in 1884. The company ...

War Damage Act

War Damage Act 1943 (Part II) - Private Chattels Scheme.

War Damage Act

War Damage Act 1941 (Part II) - Private Chattels Scheme.

War Damage Document

Statement of interest paid and income tax deducted on settlement of a war damage private chattels claim. It was issued on 14 July 1947

Warneford Hospital Opening Ceremony Programme

A programme of proceedings for the opening ceremony of the Cay Maternity Home and the Lord and Lady Kenilworth Ante-Natal Clinic and Labour Ward Unit, Warneford Hospital, Leamington Spa on 28 June 1939. ...

Warwick Fire Brigade Annual Dinner Menu

A printed menu for the Warwick Fire Brigade Annual Dinner held on 22 March 1939. It is made from thin cardboard, folded in half to make four pages. The cover is printed in red and black ink and includes ...

Warwick School Commemoration Service

This is the service sheet for Warwick School Commemoration Service, held on the 14th June 1937.

Warwickshire Windmills - read this first

By typing 'Windmill' in the Quick Search you have retrieved a number of resources. This one allows you to download text files for two out-of-print Warwickshire Museum booklets: Warwickshire Windmills ...


The will of Mrs Florence Annie Lock, dated 19th September 1966.


The will of Frederick John Wright, dated 1st October 1931.


The will of Mrs Annie Wright, dated 13th December 1926 - 22nd March 1929.

William Shakespeare acquires a share of the Stratford tithes, 24 July 1605. Main membrane

Before the Reformation, the tithes of Stratford parish (a payment of a tenth part of all agricultural produce) belonged to the college of priests who served the parish church. At the Dissolution, some ...

William Shakespeare begins legal action against John Addenbrooke, 17 August 1608. Front

In the summer of 1608, William Shakespeare brought an action in the local Court of Record to recover a debt of £6 allegedly owed him by one John Addenbrooke, gentleman. He also claimed a further 24 shillings ...

William Shakespeare buys 107 acres of land in Stratford, 1 May 1602

Shakespeare, once he had become a man of means, had clearly been toying with the idea of buying some land in or near Stratford since 1598, but it was not until 1602 that he acted, buying from a local ...

William Shakespeare buys New Place, May 1597

In May 1597, William Shakespeare purchased New Place from William Underhill. This was reputedly the second largest house in Stratford, and stood on the corner of Chapel Street and Chapel Lane. It had ...

William Shakespeare listed as a possible contributor to a local fund to improve the roads, 11 September 1611. Page 1

In the early seventeenth century, several attempts were made to bring forward legislation to improve the state of the roads. Money was needed to promote this and local subscription lists were opened. ...