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William Shakespeare, Quartos, A midsummer night's dreame, 1600 [1619] - title page

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: The ‘quarto’ text titlepage. The title page of the paper-back pamphlet, or ‘quarto’ version of Shakespeare’s plays often carried an advertising ...

William Shakespeare, Quartos, Love's Labour's Lost, 1631 - title page

A play for the Blackfriars Theatre: Shakespeare's Love’s Labour’s Lost. The first ‘quarto' of Love’s Labour’s Lost was printed in 1598 and formed the basis for the ‘folio’ ...

William Shakespeare, Quartos, The Merchant of Venice, 1600 [1619] - Title page, imprint detail

A text published without the permission of Shakespeare’s acting company. Every press had to be licensed by the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Bishop of London and no printing was allowed except ...

William Shakespeare, Quartos, The Merchant of Venice, 1600 [1619] - title page.

A ‘Pavier’ quarto of Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice title page. This title-page of The Merchant of Venice ‘quarto’ summarises the plot in its descriptive sub-title. The ...

Woman Carrying A Casket

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Woman Carrying A Casket, 1888 Ink on paper 160mm x 100mm A view of a woman carrying a casket. This is one of five prints framed together by Toovey.

Women Seated

Therese Lessore (1884-1945) Women Seated Ink on paper etching 140mm x 95mm The print depicts seated female figures.

Wood's Old Victoria Baths, Leamington Spa

A print of a view of 'Wood's Old Victoria Baths'. On the same mount is a booklet from the baths listing the prices.

Wormleighton Manor

J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906 d. 1907) Wormleighton Manor Ink on paper 110mm x 160mm The engraving depicts a view of Wormleighton Manor in Warwickshire.

York Terrace and Lansdowne Place, Leamington Spa

A framed colour engraving of York Terrace and Lansdowne Place, 1st January 1864. There are brightly coloured figures, and a horse and cart in the foreground with the terrace in the background.

Zeus Flight

Sir Terry Frost (13th October 1915 - 1 September 2003) Zeus Flight, 1996 Etching and aquatint 480mm x 455mm A square measuring 280mm x 280mm is indented into the paper by approximately 0.5mm. The background ...