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Coombe Abbey. House and grounds

View of exterior of Coombe Abbey showing part of gardens and ornamental pool. Gardeners working. 1920s

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

A view of Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards the state dining room. This photograph features two gardeners mowing the grass. Although it looks as if the building is a roofless shell, this ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

A view of Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards Guy's Tower and the Gatehouse. Two gardeners are cutting the grass with the help of a horse drawn mower. This photograph was taken between 1880 ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

Two gardeners in Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards the Gatehouse and Caesar's Tower. One is mowing the grass, while the other tends a horse. This photograph was taken in the 1880s.

Dunchurch. Lodge

Dunchurch Lodge, a large country house set in formal gardens. 1900s

Edgehill. Castle Lawn

The Castle, Edgehill showing tables set out on lawn. 1910s

Edgehill. Upton House

Front of Upton House with two lawn tennis courts on the lawn. 1910s

Edgehill. Upton House, gardens

Herbaceous border at Upton house with gardener. 1900s

Electric launch at Warwick Castle

A photograph of the Countess of Warwick's electric launch on the River Avon at Warwick Castle, taken around 1910. Boatman Sam Bissell can be seen at the foot of the small jetty.

Ettington. Ettington Park

Ettington Park Hotel, Ettington. 1950s

Ettington. Ettington Park from the Air

Ettington Park Hotel, Ettington, seen from the air. 1960

Ettington. Ruins of Holy Trinity Church and The Avenue

Ettington Park. Looking east along "The Avenue" and the ruins of Holy Trinity church, with the north nave arcade on the left. 1910s

Ettington. Ettington Park, garden

Ettington Park Hotel. Part of the garden, showing stone summerhouse. 1973

Farnborough Hall. Arbour

Colour photograph of an arbour in the grounds of Farnborough Hall. 1997

Foxcote. Foxcote House

Exterior of Foxcote House. 1900s

Francis, 5th Earl of Warwick, and his grandaughter Felice

A photograph of Francis, 5th Earl of Warwick, with his grandaughter Felice, taken in around 1924. She was born in 1919. The pair are seated in a bath chair.

Game Keeper At Hardwick

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Game Keeper At Hardwick Pencil and charcoal on paper 300mm x 245mm A man carrying a rifle and smoking a pipe, there is also a dog to the bottom left of the picture. This ...

Great Packington. Packington Hall and grounds

Packington Hall and grounds, Great Packington. 1950s