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Leamington Spa. Bolton family group

Large family group (Bolton) outside a house. 1860s

Leamington Spa. Church Street

A family outside their cottage in Church Street, Leamington Spa. 1910s

Leamington Spa. King Street

Terraced houses in King Street, Leamington Spa, with men, women and children standing in front of the houses and in the street. X marks Grandmother Smith holding George Selwyn Davies. 1909

Leamington Spa. Miss Lilian Veal

Two young ladies at a piano, one singing. One is Miss Lilian Veal daughter of Eliza & Frederick Veal (photographer) taken at 45 Clapham Terrace, Leamington Spa. 1890s

Leamington Spa. Miss Mary Dormer Harris and her Mother

Miss Mary Dormer Harris and her mother. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Pump Room Gardens

Pump Room Gardens with members of the public walking and seated and two perambulators, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Queen Street

Queen Street, Leamington Spa. Terraced housing and side of Queen's Arms public house. Groups of women and children. Men with horse and cart. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Thomas and Mrs Cooke, Newbold House

Thomas & Mrs Cooke standing in front of their home, Newbold House, Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Wedding group

Photograph taken at The Newbold Inn following the wedding at All Saints Church, Leamington Spa on 30th March 1899 of Leonard Grimwood and Harriet Sophia Coughlan. The bridegroom was a butcher living at ...

Letter from Anna Eliza Jarrett to her brother, Thomas Wathen Waller and his wife, Kate (pages 1 and 4)

A letter written by Anna Jarrett to her brother, Thomas Wathen Waller and his wife, Kate, presently with the British Legation, Brussels. Anna wrote the letter from her home of Camerton, Somerset. She ...

Letter from Reverend W. Griffiths, p.1.

The Rev. W. Griffiths was married to Isaac Evans' daughter. Isaac Evans was Mary Ann Evans', (George Eliot), older brother. He was writing to Canon Fred Evans, [?relationship], about George Eliots' 'naughtiness'. George ...

Letter sent by Anna Jarrett to her brother, Thomas Wathen Waller, just after the birth of her first child (pages 1 & 4)

A letter sent by Anna Jarrett to her brother Thomas, a diplomat with the British Legation in Brussels. Anna has just become a mother for the first time, after fourteen years of marriage, and is writing ...

Letter to Alice Helps p.1 and 4

Lewes died in 1878 and Eliot married John Cross in May 1880. This letter was written just a few days after their arrival home to the Heights, Witley on 26th July from their honeymoon abroad. Transcript: The ...

Letter to John Sibree p.1

In 1841 Mary Ann (George Eliot) moved to Bird Grove, Coventry with her retired father. It was here that she made friends with Reverend John Sibree and his family. This letter is a brief one thanking his ...

Letter to Mary Sibree p.1

Mary Ann writes to her friend Mary apologising for forgetting to send her a book she has promised. Mary is in Clifton, Bristol convalescing with her father. Mary Ann mentions attending a lecture given ...

Letter to Mary Sibree p.1

In this letter Mary Ann is deeply upset by her father's illness and her hopelessness in being unable to help him. He died less than a year later on 31st May 1849. Transcript: 33 Marina St. Leonard's June ...

Letter to Mary Sibree p.1

A letter to Mary asking her to postpone her visit owing to other guests visiting. Transcript: My dear Miss Sibree I thought of your adding to Miss Hennell's and my happiness by joining us this ...

Letter to Mary Sibree p.1

Letter asking Mary to visit. Transcript: I am quite alone this week ma chère, & confined to my "small upper room" in more senses than one. Will you not call, since I missed you on Saturday? Can ...