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Cubbington. Village scene

Men, women and children standing in a street in Cubbington. Note the small cart/bath chair on the left. 1900s


Dr. Percy A. Roden & Horace H. Roden, of the Indian Public Works Department, seated on grassy bank by summer house in Dorsington. 1900s

Draper's Receipt

This receipt was issued by the drapers E. Francis and Sons Ltd., 34 - 40 Bath Street, Leamington Spa, in January 1937.

Dunchurch. Daventry Road

The Daventry Road taken from the Square in 1899.

Dunnington. Strawberry tea

Strawberry tea held at Dunnington. c.1952

Ettington. Hubert, May and Beatrice Lowe

Hubert, Mary and Beatrice Lowe, children of William Bevington Lowe, dressed up. Ettington. 1867

Ettington. Jeffrey Bevington Lowe

Jeffrey Bevington Lowe, as an old man, seated in front of his summer house door at Ettington. He died 25th October, 1864. 1860

Ettington. Sarah Beatrice Lowe

Sarah Beatrice Lowe with her bicycle in Ettington. c.1895

Ettington. William and Humphrey

William (age 8) and Humphrey (age 7). Probably Lowe family. Ettington. 1890s

Family Group

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a family group (father, mother, son and daughter) seated indoors, but the family are unknown. The two children are holding books which might be prayer books ...

Fillongley. Shawbury Industrial School Band

Shawbury Industrial school band, Fillongley. 1911

Gaydon. Church Terrace

View of Church Terrace, Gaydon, and some of the people who live there. 1900s

Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg, Londinium, c. 1572 - detail

A merchant’s wife and her companion in Shakespeare's London. Shakespeare's leading ladies frequently reflect contemporary practice by having a companion, or housekeeper, who is not a servant ...

Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg, Londinium, c. 1572 - detail of a citizen and his servant

An alderman and his servant in Shakespeare's London. The Londoner's fashionable gown with hanging sleeves is 'guarded' [edged] with fur. His servant carries a sword and buckler as a sign that he will ...

Girl with Cherries

This is an oil painting on canvas of a young girl holding a bunch of cherries and a sprig of red flowers. Cherries are tradtionally held in the hand of the infant Christ and religous overtones like this ...


These gloves, made from cream kid leather, belonged to the author George Eliot. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress based in the Coventry and Nuneaton district, from 1819-1880....

Grave Goods

The grave goods from a female burial. From left to right: An iron knife with an bronze ferrule (strengthening ring) between the blade and the tang (point) that was inserted into the handle. 95mm ...

Grave Goods

Collection of metal objects including two small, matching, bronze square-headed brooches and a gilded pendant (right). 6th Century A.D. 1922/23 excavations (Grave 187)