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Cocoa Tablets Box

This metal box originally contained Ayrton's cocoa tablets. The printed text on the lid reads: 'Ayrton's / Cocoa, Sugar And Milk / Tablets / For The Immediate / Preparation Of A / Complete / Cup Of Cocoa ...

Coleshill. High Street

Child's fish and chip shop and James grocers, High Street, Coleshill. After light snow. 1950s

Coleshill. High Street and Blythe Road Crossing

Child's fish and chip shop, James grocers and Linforth's shop on the left with the blind cut, High Street and Blythe Road crossing, Coleshill. 1950s

Cubbington. Lambert's butchers shop

Church Hill (? now School Hill), Cubbington, showing Lambert's butchers shop on the right. Two men are standing on the pavement in front and the butcher in the shadows. 1920s

Daisy the Cow - reverse

This is the reverse of an oil painting on canvas depicting a black and white cow called Daisy, and her calf. There are also two swans on a pond. The inscription on the reverse 'Plumber, Glazier and Painter, ...

Eastwood's Crown Brewery

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Eastwood's Crown Brewery. There is a painted inscription in the lower left corner which reads 'EASTWOOD'S CROWN BREWERY'. There is also another inscription ...

Harborough Magna. Village street

Village street with the horse drawn cart belonging to J.L. Clarke, family butcher, Harborough Magna. 1940s

Health Warning Poster

A poster published by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. It was published to warn people about diseased potatoes, namely wart disease and corky scab, 1914.

Henley in Arden. High Street

High Street, Henley in Arden. Ice Cream shop. 1920s


A large stoneware jug with a handle and a corck seal. The jug has a beige glaze on its shoulder and handle. It is from Burgis and Colbourne Ltd, Leamington Spa, and was possibly used as a pickling jar, ...

Leamington Spa Token

Leamington Spa brass token Diameter 30mm This token is for the Leamington Coffee Tavern. The inscription states that it will pay for one pennyworth of refreshment.

Leamington Spa Token

Leamington Spa brass one penny token Diameter 27mm The obverse features the inscription 'LEAMINGTON/ COFFEE/ TAVERN/ LIMITED' with swirling horizontal designs. The reverse features the inscription 'GOOD ...

Leamington Spa. Pump Rooms

The cooling room and information bureau at The Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa. 1910s

Meat Hook

The two steel prongs open with a scissor-like action and are inserted into a joint of meat, which can then be suspended by the brass hook at the end.

Mineral Water Bottle

This glass bottle if from the Birmingham Syphon Company of Meriden Street, Birmingham. The bottle was made to hold mineral water and has a marble stopper at the neck. The name of the company and their ...

Mineral Water Bottle

This bottle was made by Kimmond and Co. of Leamington Spa between 1875 and 1925. The company was based at Kenilworth Street, where they produced aerated waters. The bottle is a picnic basket type and ...

Mineral Water Bottle

This stoneware bottle was produced to contain the mineral water of the Aerated Waters Company of Leamington Spa. The front of the bottle is stamped with, 'Bourne / Denby'.

Mineral Water Bottle

This pale green, glass bottle is from the Leamington Spa Aerated Waters Company. The bottle has a marble stopper and was used to hold mineral water. The name and logo of the company is moulded onto the ...